Thursday, January 5, 2012

rodeo day...safari too?

Today is rodeo day at the little pumpkin's preschool. Her pink cowgirl hat didn't go with the outfit so we made good use of a party favor cowboy hat from Carson's birthday last May. Thanks, Amanda! you didn't know we still had that lying around here!!

Can you say, "Howdy, pardner!"
Not to be outdone by his sister, Hudson quickly grabbed his safari hat {and took his favorite stuffed tiger to MDO this morning}... he he he.Note to self #1: buy more boy dress-up toys!
Grace LOVED this sword & shield set she played with at Preston's house last weekend.Note to self #2: PAINT that dining room and re-upholster those chairs already!!!! HA!
Don't's on the to-do for 2012!

But you know what I'm excited about??? Tomorrow is Three Kings Day...El Dia de los Reyes! The littles are excited to set out grass for the camels of the Wise Men in hopes that they will leave a little treat in their shoeboxes on their way through town as they travel through the night to meet baby Jesus. More about this sweet tradition {here} and {here}.



Anonymous said...

Now she is the cutest little cowgirl I've ever seen! Too sweet and I'm glad it (the hat) came in handy.

After Christmas I cleaned out my storage closet of gift bags and extra birthday supplies and found a stack of left over hats. I made good use of them and gave them to the neighbors (two little boys and 1 little girl) as a little happy new year surprise!

Great seeing you all last weekend. Hugs from Texas!

Lindsey said...

I like that boys like to "dress-up!" I found a cute Melissa and Doug construction worker outfit for B and he loves it. I also got him a cape from etsy that says "Super Bennett" and HE LOVES that, too! Could there be a "Super Hudson" soon??

Jessica said...

We loved seeing you guys, Amanda!! We need to get together more often! Love you guys!

For sure, Lindsey!! He is all.about.dress-ups these days!!

Mariel said...

Funny, I just found your blog, and when scrolling through "Los Reyes Magos" caught my eye. I too grew up in Puerto Rico and this is also a tradition we celebrate at our house now with our kids. So much fun!

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