Monday, January 23, 2012

You can fly! {vintage Dumbo party planning}

Some time ago, I saw {this} adorable dress that a blogger friend Amanda had custom made for her daughter by my friend Angel. I almost did a double take because not only was it full of vintage charm, but I had the same out of print fabric in my stash waiting for just the right project!

Some time later, I asked Angel if I could send her my fabric and have her turn it into a similar dress for Grace. We added more pink because the little pumpkin can't get enough of the girly shade.

I love Dumbo and I love the dainty embroidered pocket she came up with. Initially I had a different phrase for the pocket but wasn't 100% sure, so when Angel suggested, "You can fly!" it sounded just right. I wasn't sure what occasion Grace would wear the dress for but I knew it would be perfect come Spring.
Fast forward some months and when I found out "Kite Day" was scheduled for Friday, March 9th...the day before Grace's birthday and the day I would be sending treats to share with her school friends...I knew the dress would be just perfect!

Noonie and I made the coordinating head wrap out of little scraps of fabric I had...coordinating but not too how it turned out and Grace loves wearing these nowadays so it was win-win!
And then, of course, she needed a birthday hat. *wink*I love how dainty and sweet it all looks together. And I love how excited she was when I finished her hat and she saw it all together for the first time.So excited about Kite Day and the treats we're sharing with Grace's school friends.
I'm ready for Spring! he he



Amanda said...

Thanks for the love! Charlotte is always complimented on that dress! Can't wait to see your Kite Day pics!

TaDa! Creations said...

Oooo...that last photo is so pretty. Great lighting! Thanks for the shout out. And thanks to Amanda for asking for that dress originally. Both of your sweet girls are gorgeous in it! Love how everything fell in to place for Kite Day too.

Kelli said...

Love this....I want to do a vintage cowgirl party for my little girls birthday but this is VERY cute..hmmmm now I am thinking.

Deborah said...

So adorable. Do you have any idea where the dumbo ride fabric can be found?

Angel said...

Beautiful Vintage design in the dress and all the coordinating items. I always feels so uplifted when visiting your blog. So many pretty creative things :-)

Wimmy said...

I LOVE LOVE YOUR BLOG!!! I was wondering if you had any ideas for 1 year old ice cream party. My daughter is 6 months but I want to start planning now.

Teresa said...

The dress, hat, headband - I love it all!

I love the "You can fly" pocket - such encouraging words to always remember and the timing of Kite Day - you must have done a little fist pump at how well it all worked together.

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