Wednesday, March 14, 2012


The show wasn't anything special {at all}, but the littles' reactions: priceless!

Here, let me share a couple of pics of Hudson's favorite part...
Yes, that's right, all the JUnK fOOd!!!

After a while he was more attentive, but just for a little bit...
He sat veeerrrryyyy still when cOOkiE mONsTeR was on stage...I think it was his favorite.The little pumpkin loves any kind of live show...add in the coTToN cAnDY and she was on cloud 9!Grace doing her best to keep Hudson from running away! HA!Thank you Noonie for taking Hudson and meeting up with Grace's class!!I was so glad I was able to escape work for two hours to join them!

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Ashley said...

VERY exciting! we are going next weekend. I know my kiddos will be thrilled! I have looooved looking at all the 5th birthday things too! You did a great job!!