Friday, March 23, 2012

Lulu wraps, Shutterfly & a Question...

Noonie and I made a couple of sweet Lulu wraps for a dear friend to coordinate with some of her girls' Matilda Jane Serendipity dresses.......Joanna Wrap dress on the left and Peaches & Cream on the right - I didn't buy either of these two dresses for Grace so I didn't have them on hand to make sure the pinks worked, but I used the last of some of my favorite pink fabric that had a vintage feel to it and I think they turned out sweet.{photos via here, of course}

Here's another peek...
I've used Shutterfly for several Christmas cards, seasonal cards and photo prints, but I had never ordered note cards from them...until NOW! I had an offer I couldn't resist so I ordered some thank you notes for Grace's birthday and I LOVE how they turned out!! {last name blurred for privacy reasons}

We printed copies of the photo for family since they wanted a real photo, but these were just adorable for personalizing our thank you notes to all her sweet friends. I love that I could add a photo to the inside as well...
Sweet little details...Thank you, Shutterfly!!

Okay I need your HELP! Tomorrow the littles are having their annual Easter pics with bunnies so this is very last minute. Please help me pick out which boy outfit looks better with Grace's dress!
I looked everywhere this year, but I did not find any little boy clothes that I just loved for Easter, so I ended up with several outfits hoping one would work. I'm kind of leaning toward this one because I just love the little peter pan collar but not sure if it's too casual (it's shorts, if you can't tell by the first pic). So if you happen to read this tonight, will you let me know what you think???Thanks! Hope you're having a great's the beginning of Spring Break for us...woo hoo!


TaDa! Creations said...

Oh you are just the sweetest! I think that pink will be perfect.

And my vote is for the peter pan collar outfit. I think the dark green on the sweater vest stands out too much and takes attention away from all the sweetness.

Julianna said...

I also vote peter pan collar. I have the same blue checked shirt for Quinn for Easter! But I don't have a sweater vest, just the shirt would look cute too with her dress!

Karen said...

White monogram is my vote. Looks good.

Rachel said...

I would go with the white shirt and shorts. We are officially on spring break too...yay! Enjoy!

Cupcakes and Lemonade said...

Definitely Peter Pan collar! LOVE that!

Casper said...

I like the peter pan collar out fit best also

Karinny said...

Peter Pan collar looks very nice!

Jules said...

The Peter Pan collar with monogram is so sweet! It looks great with the green dress. Long time reader, first time poster.... glad to 'come out of the woodwork' for such an important occasion :)

Leanne Helums said...

I vote for the peter pan collar too.

Becky said...

Peter Pan collar, while he's still a little!!! Adorable.

CourtneyG said...

I agree with Angel...

CourtneyG said...

I agree with Angel...

ADA said...

Ha was gonna say the peter pan collar and shorts! clearly I'm not the only one! so cute!

Olivia said...

The shorts outfit! Very sweet!

and I LOVE the wraps. Are you and noonie going to be selling wraps soon?? I've made a couple myself but I always love your color combinations more.

Heather L. said...

I think the peter pan collared outfit would be precious! Can't wait to see the pictures =)

Deborah said...

I love the outfit with the sweater vest but I'm going with the peter pan collar. I don't think you'll have very many more opportunites to have him in a sweet peter pan shirt as he (sigh) grows up.

Also loving the thank you cards.

Jessica said...

Thanks everyone!! :)

Jessica said...

Hi, Jules! So nice to meet you! :)

Olivia~ YES! Some will be going in the shop before too long! :)

sashagirl said...

My vote is for the peter pan shirt/shorts!!! Both outfits are so adorable but I think the first one matches Grace's pretty dress best! Also, I LOVE your Lulu wraps, so adorable! I have that same vintage pink fabric and have made bibs, burp cloths and rag dolls from it, too precious! I hope your family had a Blessed Easter!

Lindsey said...

1st one!!! love that.

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