Friday, August 20, 2010

meet the teacher

Today was the little pumpkin's preschool orientation. She's been looking forward to this see her "big girl school" for the first time and to meet her teacher...pretty much all summer. At least she's talked about it
A LOT. And then this morning my sweet girl tells me, "You know, I am kind of shy Mama." Ah, I remember those first day jitters all too well.

Grace was so excited when she received the invitation to the Orientation in the mail!

Inspired by THIS idea and to help break the ice, we made these for the teacher and two aides. I think they turned out so cute! FYI: instead of a glass cup to hold the flowers like the tutorial called for, we tied the bunch with a rubber band, then wrapped a wet paper towel around it and sealed it off with aluminum foil. We then placed it inside of the pink cardstock trimmed tube we created out of some corrugated cardboard.

Flowers in hand, Ready to go meet Mrs. Bryan! Signing in As soon as she saw the classroom, all nerves disappeared and she made a mad dash across the room to see this...the class pet! And soon she was off exploring every little nook & crany of that room! Time to pick out a cubbie with Mrs. Bryan Project Time! Yes, there was plenty of glue... :) More fun stuff! And then it was time to go home...where the fun continued with this little treat sack Mrs. Bryan sent home! Since Daddy had to go back to work and couldn't join us for lunch, we paid him a surprise visit! And then we finished off a very busy, fun day with a trip to Barnes & Noble where we read books... ...and even munched on a treat or two! What a fun day!
Here's to a great school year! ...just two more days before the


Louley's Belles said...

Love it! I am so excited for Grace. It looks like a fabulous school. What's the book box? Does she bring her own or does the teacher provide a different variety all the time? Loved her outfit too. Where? I know she will have a fabulous year. It's so funny when she talks about her shyness, she is precious!

andrea said...

I am loving your blog!!! I am the mama who bought Grace's pink cord dress! I love the dress and your packaging! I am so inspired! I had already bookmarked the flowers and purchased the plastic letters, but I was stumped on the vases- thanks so much for the idea!!! I already made teacher gifts from Dollar Tree note pads tied with ribbons- they have tons of cute teacher supplies right now! I did not think of doing the flowers for gifts- I am using them for our home decorations. Next year I am so doing them for the teachers! Thanks for sharing! Have a great year at school!

Heather L. said...

Super cute pics, Jessica! I love the vases and Grace's outfit is just precious. It looks like she will love school!

andrea said...

I forgot I wanted to tell you- We also had to replace our air conditioner this week- It was only 9 years old. I completely understand the pretty penny- wowza. Hope your replacement went better than ours. 5 days waiting on it to come in- too hot.

Kris said...

Oh what a fun time of year for the little ones! Our two oldest grands are in preschool, and both started this past week, with excitement and first day jitters. Loved your idea for presenting the teacher with her little gift of flowers. Grace looks so much like you in that last photo! She is just adorable!! B & N is one of my favorite haunts too!!!

Cricket said...

Grace looks so adorable! Love her outfit....but I love all mix matchy outfits and Polka dot shoes for sure!! What girl doesn't??? She looks like she had a blast! Me and my boys went to Barnes and Noble last week and did the same thing--minus snacks--... that is one of our favorite things to do!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE books!! Good luck at big girl school!

Courtney said...

Ahh, Grace looks so Happy with excitement in the pics!
Molls starts this coming week.
Cute idea for the teachers!

Jessica said...

Laura~ You know she was playing up that whole shyness bit!! LOL!

The book box is just a box they got to decorate during orientation and take home. Each week or so, the teacher will send home some of those Scholastic readers matching the thematic unit they are working on. They get to keep the books and they're supposed to store them in the box at home.

Outfit~ the top is from Amazing Gracie & the bottoms are from Momi Boutique, both on etsy :)

Hi, Andrea~ Thanks for your sweet comment! Yay, I'm glad you liked the dress and hat! And yes, the mason jars worked great and using the cardboard center meant it was spill proof :) Oh, the AC! Don't even get me talking about the AC. It was a nightmare. Ours was just 9 years old too. I'm sorry you had to go through that too!

Thanks Heather!!
P.S. We went ahead and signed up Grace for ballet year-round :)

Kris & Cricket~ Too bad we can't all just hang out at B&N!! I love it there! :)

Court~ Good luck to Miss Molls!!! New school, new baby sister - I bet she's having a blast!

Virginia said...

I love all the photos... you can see her excitement about everything in the new school!
My favorite one, though, is the one where she is signing herself in. This is her first "official" signing. WOW!!! Our little girl is growing too fast! She amazes me with all her knowledge and with how quickly she "gets" things, like learning the vowels: I said them twice and she learned them!
She also knows how to write Mama and even Noonie! Makes me so proud!

Amber said...

Oh how exciting!!! It looked like Grace had a blast! I so remember those 1st day jitters (and I wasn't very good with them). The doggie dress is even mroe adorable on!! And I love the Amazing Gracie dress!!!

Hudson looks like such a big boy sitting in daddy's chair! Why can't we slow down the growing process just a little!!

Rebecca said...

You have such sweet ideas! :) Love this! Hope she's enjoying Preschool! I used to read your blog but got a new computer and lost my "favorites". So glad to find it again! :) We like alot of the same things! Our daugther's rooms are similar too except we have blue walls instead of pink. :) Love your blog!

Jessica said...

Thanks ladies!!

Yay! Rebecca!! Glad to be chatting again! :)

Cazra said...

i loved the flower arrangement so much that we made one for my daughter to take to her teacher today. Thanks for sharing!

Jessica said...

Hi, Cazra~ I'm so glad you were inspired to make an arrangement for your daughter's teacher!!! And congratulations on the new addition too!

My Pigeon Pair said...

Hi Jessica,

I featured this wonderful idea on my blog! Would love for you to grab our button! "I was featured on My Pigeon Pair!" Can't wait to see Grace's 4 year old birthday plans!!! I too am planning a 4th Birthday party, but for a rough and tumble boy!!!

Thewomanhoodcause said...

This is such a cute blog. I love your girl's cute Anne outfit. What great ideas!

Benedicta Villalobos said...

I love, love, love her outfit. It is amazing!!!!

Jessica said...

Thank you all so much!!

Violet Rom said...

Do u have a step by step on YouTube or something would like to make these as a center piece. Thank u

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