Sunday, June 2, 2013

farmer's market

We have a serious love for fresh fruit in our home, as I'm sure most of you probably do too.

Cherries and peaches are at the top of our list!
So yesterday morning, we joined the masses for a little visit to the farmer's market!  Opening day is always super crowded, but super fun. 

But before we reached the plaza, we had to stop so I could give the littles a little plant lesson...have you heard of "sleeping grass"?  It's a tiny plant that when you touch the leaves, they close up ever so gently in a swift pattern.  Growing up in Puerto Rico, it was always fun to spot this plant and see who could touch the most and put them to sleep the fastest.  Simple times.  The littles loved checking this little plant out for the first time...
There's nothing sweeter than the bouquets of purple dandelions the littles always bring me...
While we shopped for fruits and veggies...
...Lance sampled the plethora of hot sauces and salsas at the market.
Grace loved making all the purchases...something about getting to hand over those dollar bills...but once they gave her the goodies, she had no interest in the change - ha!
And in the end, we came home with delicious tea cakes, blueberry muffins {yummmm!}, granola bars, strawberries, peaches, and dog treats for Jaxon. We were too late for the veggies - the best were gone by the time we got there.!
Yayyy for Summer!!

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