Friday, June 28, 2013

May the "4th" be with you! {Star Wars Birthday}

Our Lego-loving, Star Wars-obsessed little fella turned F O U R on June 22nd and we celebrated with a fun party at a local jumpy jump place...
He wasn't excited or anything...
Grace put the sweetest sticky note on his bed the day before his birthday...
It read:
I hope your birthday is fantastic.  Your cake you chose is great.  You will have the most spectacular birthday ever.
Love, Grace

While Hudson and his buddies practiced their skills in the Jedi Training Station...
...I scurried about setting up the Fueling Station for my favorite little guy in the whole wide world! {thank you Noonie, Bridgette, and Amanda for helping me set up!!}
And while I was setting it up, this little stinker was practicing his skills...yep, it's even more fun if you go down the steps!!
These cookies were my absolute favorite treat!  I used a new lady and she was AwESomE!!  They were soooo yummy too!
We had Lightsabers...
And Princess Leia's Buns...
Padawan Pop Rocks...
And of course, who can forget the Federation Space Cake!
I used another new vendor and I LOVED how the cake turned out!! It was a yummy chocolate cake per the Jedi-in-Training's request...
Hudson's pick:  Darth Vader!
The hungry Jedis fueled up with Han Solo's Galactic Pizza...
Some chose the refreshing Jedi Juice...
...while others went for the creamy Yoda Soda!
And soon it was time to sing happy birthday...
This little fella wasn't excited or anything...
I can't believe she's making me wear this hat??! I've never seen hats quite like this in Star Wars...
One quick one with Mama and Daddy...
...and an even quicker attempt at one of the whole Jedi Council!
Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday dear Hudson... Happy Birthday to you!
Make a wish!
After filling up on chocolate cake, the duels were in full force...
The Jedis took a break from all their training exercises...
To watch this brave Knight open presents... while sitting on the royal throne, of course ;)
Grace insisted on picking out a little present for her brother and then drew Hudson as Han Solo for his card...
Sweet sibling moment...
A box full of Star Wars goodies - yippee!
Ready for his next adventure with a Darth Vader backpack and lunchbox!  Thank you Noonie & Papa J!
More Star Wars goodies from Mimi & Pop!   Mimi~ his Star Wars plate and cup have been a constant at our dinner table...he LovES them!! Thank you!!
And then it was time to open a gift from Mama & Daddy....a long awaited gift...
YES!!!!  It's the Gungan Sub he's been talking about nonstop for months!!!!!!!
But in the end, getting to cELebRaTe with family and sweet friends is what this little Jedi loved the most!
Thank you Mimi, Aunt Tammie, Noonie and Papa J, and all of our sweet friends for coming to celebrate with Hudson!
Dear Hudson,
We hope you loved every minute of your special day! 
We love you to the moon and back!
Mama, Daddy & Grace


Erica said...

Looks like a FUN time!! Awesome job on H's theme!

Capture Our Lives said...

I could not love this more. Way to honor the spirit of the dude world!!! I grew up as a little girl who dressed up as Princess Leia and watched each new Star Wars series release in amazement. Between that and the movie "Space Camp", I wanted to be as astronaut. It's too cool to see it live on. Your parties and dedication to creating customized special memories for each of your children, while keeping them connected with each other, make my heart smile.

Eleanor said...

Hudson's party was out of this world! I'm always way too excited when I see that you've posted one of your parties! I love your attention to detail and the parties always look like so much fun! These are such special memories that your children are sure to cherish forever.

Jessica said...

Thank you Erica, Heather & Eleanor!!! You are all such sweet ladies and your comments just mean the world to me!

Angel said...

Way to to with Star Wars theme! You are so creative and always have such special touches to all your parties.You can tell you put your heart into these parties for your littles. That's why I've enjoyed your blog from the beginning. You are so authentic. :-)

Hayden said...

What an awesome birthday party!! My little guy loves Star wars also. You outdid yourself again! Loved the details :)Where did you have the cookies made?

Jenelle said...

Wow what an amazing party, love it! You did such a great job and i bet your little guy had a ball. Love his outfit too and you did a wonderful job with Grace's Leia top also. I don't comment much but want you to know what a beautiful blog you have, thank you for sharing with us xoxo.

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