Sunday, June 9, 2013

weddings, birthdays, and superheroes!

I have to say, I kinda like playing dress-up!  Saturday night Grace's preschool teacher's daughter got married - she was beyond gorgeous!!!  So was her mom, Mrs. B!!  It sure was fun to don some fancy schmancy heels and a little bling bling for the evening!
The littles came up with the perfect card for Pop's birthday...Happy Birthday, Pop Pop Pop!!
We love you, Pop!
I checked off another to-do off the birthday list!  Woo hoo!
And if you're planning a superhero birthday, run to Target!  Their dollar section will be your candy store at the moment...
Kinda made me want to stock up for a future party, but goodness I've got bin after bin of "ready-to-go parties" sitting in my closet so I exercised some willpower and just walked away {Dave Ramsey 1 : Partyholics Anonymous 0}

Happy Sunday!

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