Sunday, June 30, 2013

summer memories...

We love adventures and *I* love pictures {just ask my husband - ha!} and it just so happens that sometimes when you combine the two magic happens!
A couple of weeks ago we took a little excursion to meet a new photographer for a session and not only did we end up at a fabulous spot at just the right time for gorgeous lighting, but the littles LOVED her!
She captured the littles just as they are at 6 and 4 and that is just priceless to me! 
I can't tell you enough how excited I am to have *real* smiles from this little guy instead of his usual "cheeeeese" anytime I try to snap a pic...
Looove this one!
This one too!
I'm so glad she included this one with all the others - this is them, to a T!!!
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, Nikki for capturing my littles so beautifully.  I will treasure these images of my sweet Grace and snuggly Hudson during the Summer of 2013 forever!  Can't wait to have another session with you SOON!
And to my littles...yes, I promise we will make the hour drive in the next couple of weeks...with swimsuits this that you can play in the sand and SWIM!
Thank you sweet Jesus for these two precious littles, for my family, for the beauty of this Summer...for your grace.


Angel said...

Precious pics of your littles.

The Liles' said...

Where were these taken?

Kelli said...

Beautiful pictures!