Monday, June 3, 2013

the to-do list can wait...

I'm bound and determined to squeeze every last little bit of fun out of this Summer...even if I have to work some crazy hours in my flex schedule to be able to be home with the littles as much as possible.
So today, we started bright and early with swimming lessons, followed by the drive-thru car wash {the littles LOVE this!}, dropped off another load at Goodwill {we're making progress!!}, squeezed in the $1 movie {yay for the kids' summer program!}, and topped it off with pizza for lunch {Grace wanted to cash in a good student certificate she'd received}. All before noon. Hooray for Summer!
The bonus from all that running around?  I now have two full-bellied littles who are happily snoozing away!  As for me....I'm off to prep dinner while finishing cleaning chores. And then maybe I'll get to squeeze in a little sewing project.

Hope your Summer is off to a fun start!


Lindsey said...

Where did you get the movie list?

Kelli said...

Sounds like a great day!!