Saturday, June 1, 2013

School's Out...Hello, Summer!

How did it get to be June 1st already???!
I'm backtracking here because the littles have been out of school for a couple of weeks, we go!

Hudson was up first. His last day of K-3 was May 16th. Boy, what a difference a year makes!!!
Hudson's last week of school was a super fun week of daily themed activities. His very last day was a school-wide luau complete with swimsuits and water fun {kids only, hence the lack of pics} and boy did he have a blast!! When I went to pick him up he was conked out on his little napmat, so these are some I-just-woke-up pics of my sweet boy! a T!
His class sent home little buckets-o-fun as last day party favors.  They assigned something to each child...bubbles, sidewalk chalk, beach ball, watercolors for us...and lots more, and it made for a really fun treat.  I have to say, Hudson was mesmerized by this little wand.  Almost looks like a soap bubble, doesn't it??!
Saying goodbye to one of his sweet friends Sarah...
And goofing off with Ms. Kelli!  They were, after all, the FISH class!
We have some big decisions to make with Hudson's preschool choice for K-4.  Right after school ended this year, we had him tested for the same gifted program that Grace went to for K-3 and K-4 and he passed the test with flying colors!!  So proud of you, Hudson!!!  Sure wish Grace's beloved Mrs. Bryan was still the teacher for that program and then it would be a no-brainer.  We've loved having him at this smaller, Christian school, but we also know the opportunities that this challenging program will provide him.  Decisions, Decisions!
The week after Hudson's last day, it was Grace's turn.  On May 23rd, the little pumpkin said goodbye to kindergarten.  *sniff, sniff*  She was definitely excited about Summer vacation...
...but not so excited about saying goodbye to Ms. V or her friends.
Looking back...
Grace's school selects one outstanding student in each grade each week, and Grace was selected Terrific Tiger back in the Spring.  They update the pics every so often on this board and it's a big deal for the students to see themselves up there.  So proud of you, Grace!!
As the final week was wrapping up, her portfolio came home.  So neat to see some of her work we had not seen before, including a power point presentation on Komodo dragons {kindergarten sure has changed since we went through it!!}, but it was this little fella that caught my eye.  I can't wait to see this cute elf framed and displayed at Christmas!  I have a feeling he might make an appearance at our {North Pole Breakfast}
And with that, another school year is behind us.  We are now the proud parents of a FirSt GraDEr and a K-4 PreSChOoLeR!!!  My, my, how time flies!! 
And yes, I still think of them like this...
But I can't deny that I *LOVE* lazy mornings and summer FUN!!

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Virginia said...

Isn't it amazing how much they grow and change in less than one year???? I am so honored and so proud to be part of their growing up and witnessing not only their physical but most importantly their mental, emotional and spiritual growth.
Grace and Hudson: I love you with ALL my heart!