Thursday, February 19, 2009

bread crumbs

Q. What are heart shaped valentine sandwiches good for?
A. Producing lots and lots of bread crumbs and crusts!

I've had a ziploc bag full of sandwich bread staring at me since the valentine playdate last week. So it was either make bread pudding or go feed the ducks at the duck pond. You guessed it, the ducks won (sorry A.J. ~ I know how much you love that bread pudding...I promise to make it soon!).

Tucked inside Grace's closet was this cute little duck outfit I'd forgotten about (note to self: must prune closet even further). Luckily it still fit her and I was able to stuff her little piggies into her halloween polka dotted shoes, which were a perfect match, so after MDO, off to the park we trodded to feed the ducks. This morning when I dressed her I told her where we were going and oh, my, goodness, was she excited! Her teachers said she talked about it all morning long!

Carefully inspecting our supplies

Deciding which ducks are worthy of our crumbs! So happy!!! Come and get it, little ducky I want a bite too, 'kay? One for you, two for me As our stash dwindled, the little pumpkin became very stingy with her rations And when we got home and I asked Grace if she had a fun time, this was her reply: "Yes, I do!"

And a little sneaky peeky of Grace's big girl room...SO, SO, SO EXCITED!!! More to come!


TaDa! Creations said...

OK, so I love that you have an outfit for every occasion. LOL What a fun afternoon. My girls have yet to feed ducks, we'll have to do that this spring.

Oh, her big girl room is going to be so cute. Get it done already! This waiting is killing me. :)

Jenn said...

I'm dying that she even has a duck feeding outfit!! That girl has the cutest wardrobe around :) LOVE THAT!

The quilt looks FAB!!! Can't wait to see it all together!!

take a bow Jenn

Courtney said...

Ahhh...The duck pond! Love the pics. They bring back fond memories of the duck pond when I was growing up. I'm jealous I can't take Molly there all the time.
Loving the sneak peek of Grace's big girl room. It must be a quilt!! The fabrics you picked are fabulous. I bet your Mom is making it for her.?
Have a good weekend~

Jessica said...

Jenn & Angel~ You guys are too funny about the duck outfit - he, he, he!! I actually bought it on ebay when she was a few months old - it reminded me of some of the things I used to wear when I was a wee one myself and I do have a weakness for vintage inspired :)

Angel~ You HAVE to take Emily & Allison to feed ducks - they'll love it!!! And if there's any chance there will be geese around, bring LOTS of bread or they'll attack :O

Courtney~ we LOVE the duck pond! We pass it twice a week on our way to MDO and Grace begs to stop and feed the ducks. Def. take Molly when you're in town visiting!

And about the's not a quilt per se - ha, ha, ha! Stay tuned for more!!!!