Sunday, February 15, 2009

Little Hearts and Pink Sparkly Shoes

In case you couldn't tell by the overabundance of valentine posts, yes, I big puffy heart love Valentine's Day! What's not to love about a day dedicated solely to reminding the special people in your life you love excuse to decorate with all kinds of pink and red and heart and sugary pretties.

Right after Lance got home from his morning tennis workout, Grace was ready to give him his gift AND open it for him!

LOVE THIS PHOTO!!!!!! It melts my heart :) After nap time it was Grace's turn (yup, we made her wait 'till after lunch/nap for all the sugary treats) Bathtub paints...this should be fun! A little Clifford book (now THIS furry red guy, I like!) And then it was time for THIS long awaited package Can you see how excited she felt once the shoes were on her feet? She kept saying, "I have SPARKLY pink shoes!" Every time we've been to Target since before Christmas (and that's A LOT of times) Grace has asked about these shoes. Not the red ones, not the silver ones, but the PINK ones.

Here's one of me with the little pumpkin (gosh, even my face is getting puffier!) Pink sparkly shoes, a lollie, and a new Dora movie = a very happy toddler! Oh, and the only way to get pink sparkly shoes off her feet? Hot Pink Dora slippers from Mimi & Pop! THANK YOU Mimi & Pop for watching Grace tonight so Lance and I could go on a date!

Hope everyone had a sweet Valentine's Day!!

...and yes, it is 2 o'clock in the morning and I'm still up thanks to the lovely heartburn compliments of our japanese hibachi grill dinner...pregnancy side effects - gotta love 'em!


Sheree' said...

After seeing those sparkly pink shoes, I think Grace needs to go to Disneyworld. She might really enjoy meeting all the princesses.

Jessica said...

Hi, Sheree', Good to hear from you! Yes, Grace would LOVE disney - maybe next summer, so I can enjoy the rides as well :)

Amanda said...

having fun reading thru your blog - had to laugh b/c my charlotte had/has the SAME heart dress and the SAME pink sparkle shoes, that she happened to wear w/ that dress - so cute!!! she insisted on pink, not silver or red, but pink! WHERE ARE GRACE'S DOT SHOES FROM?