Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Put a little love in your heart...

Remember that Gap campaign years back (Christmas I think) that used that song "put a little love in your heart" - I can't get it out of my head!!! Fitting I guess since valentine's day is just around the corner. I've been thinking up some sweet pink and red inspired projects. First, the treats:

I've never made any of these exact treats, but they're all on my baking list: And my most favorite are these cupcake pops!!! Click here for great instructions and photos from Bakerella. I think I'm going to make these for Grace to take to her MDO valentine party! And then there's these sweet little pink tank from Amy of nanaCompany that just arrived on my doorsteps last week - LOVE IT! Isn't it so simple and cute?! It's inspired me to get out some of the sweet fabrics in my stash and try my hand at some cute applique tees with all kinds of different designs...hmmm, I can picture a sweet little poka dot cupcake with a button for the topping! Now these won't be any kind of designer tees or anything, but just some sweet little tees that Grace can wear to play in. Already have all the stuff needed at home so no excuse not to at least try it :) Maybe if they turn out cute I can even make some for the girlies that will be coming over for Grace's valentine playdate. Maybe even a tee with a crown for the boys!

Have I mentioned I love pink and red and polka dots and fabric and all things girlie?!?!

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