Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Firetruck Fun

This week it was Fire Safety Week at Gymboree. As a special treat, they had a local fire station bring one of their firetrucks for the kiddos to tour at the end of class. Grace had never seen one up close and personal so I was excited to see her reaction. We had been talking about it all week and by the time Monday rolled around, Grace was super excited! She kept making siren sounds a la Dora & Boots from one of their movies.

First a few pics from the class...

Isn't he the cutest little fireman giving the girlies a ride in his make-believe firetruck? :) Putting out the fire - check out the smoke (bubbles) and fire hose (jump rope) - so creative! I need to remember that for when we're home on a rainy day. Grace took the "rescue jump" activity very seriously. Here she is showing me the puppy and kitty she rescued from the fire :)

And now onto the real firetruck fun...

Can you see how excited she was?!!! Here she is with her teacher Ms. Bree who was so sweet to lift Grace way up for me (those steps are REALLY high!) and then sit with her as she giggled with delight. Guess the hat is just a wee bit big! My cute little firefighter! Such a fun day!

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