Sunday, February 8, 2009

A certain pair of wellies...

A little someone around here is in love with a certain pair of pink polka-dotted wellies. I must say I'm quite fond of the word "wellies", it's one of those words that you can say and it will put you in a fun, silly mood instantly. You see I used to call them rain boots but then a while back my friend Segi, who lived in England for a couple of years when she was little, was telling me a story about her wellies and I'm thinking, "what the heck are you talkin' about?" but I didn't want to interrupt her (really I just didn't want to sound dumb) so when she finished I finally asked her and she matter-of-factly enlightened me. And now I call them wellies and smile.

So since these days it's a matter of "pick your battles" with my resident princess, I'm more than happy to give in to the wellies-wearing pouty-lip pleas (I think the wellies have secret powers because they can change a mood in a matter of seconds). So if you live near us and see the little pumpkin at church wearing a Sunday dress and pink wellies you'll know that it was one of THOSE mornings :) Now I definitely understand why a friend let her 3 year old go to a birthday party covered in band-aids though she had no real bo-bos...aah, motherhood!

I needed to try this dress on Grace to ensure fit and she was not happy to be pulled away from hiding dvd's under the rug pad to humor her mama, so I offered the wellies and a very eager almost two year old came running to me :) - time to grab the camera and hope the moment lasts longer than 30 seconds!

Can you see how in awe she is of these wellies?

So happy to have spotted a couple of birdies in a tree Did you see them, mama?!? Giggle, Giggle It's a lellow (yellow) flower!!! I LOVE THIS GIRL! So I am happy to say that of all the things she probably inherited from me, I think it's safe to say Grace is definitely a shoeaholic. Mama's so proud!

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