Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Birthday!!

Today was Lance's birthday so we celebrated by surprising him at work and taking him to eat Mexican food (his and Grace's favorite). Grace was too cute when she yelled SURPRISE! the moment we walked in the door to his office, loud enough for the entire office to hear. And what a treat it was for Grace to have Daddy join us for Gymboree later that afternoon! After dinner at home we capped off the day with an Oreo cake - yum! Happy Birthday, Hun! We love you!!

And is it normal to get excited about a paper product? As in invitations?? I must admit I was not sure how to pull off a cute farm birthday theme, but when I found these that all changed. The invitations came in the mail on Friday and I just love how they turned out (details blurred for blog purposes). Can't believe my little pumpkin will be two in a little over three weeks!


Jenn said...

I love how much thought and planning you put into making her days extra special. She is so lucky to have a mommy who centers her life around everything she does!!

The party will be adorable I'm sure...everything you do is!

take a bow Jenn

Courtney said...

Love the invites!! Molly feels the same way about her sparkly shoes from Target. I gave in and got them in all the colors! I'm a sucker.

Jessica said...

Thanks for sharing the love, ladies!!