Monday, February 9, 2009

Sweet valentines, treats, big girl, doctor's visit - WOW!

It was a BUSY weekend for us! Saturday we went to Tyler for Lance's cousin's baby shower - so much fun! Can't wait to meet the little guy, Lindsey!!! Grace was so excited to play with her cousin Carson and kept telling me to "hurry up, mama, Carson waiting for Grace at party" :)

Yesterday we sat down to write out valentines for family and friends. Grace was most excited to color with markers as opposed to crayons and "signed" each valentine herself. Yeaaaaa! for markers!!! She's also in love with her "My Melody" watch from McDonald's and insisted on wearing it all day. Check out all of our valentines! I love that they are vintage reproductions and can't believe we found them at Target, of all places. Deciding who gets what valentine is hard work! We even had to keep one or two to avoid the cascading tears over parting with a duck and a puppy valentine. Next came the treat boxes for Grace's MDO friends. These are by no means healthy treats, but hey, it's VALENTINE's! I think the only non-sugary thing in there are some heart-shaped bubbles and stickers. Next I need to tackle the cupcake pops! I think they turned out rather cute! While cleaning Grace's armoire, I found a packet of little name labels from when she was around 9 mo. old so even though she was a baby in the photo, I stuck them on the treat boxes (blurred out our LN if you're wondering what the squibble is under her middle name)
And since this is as much our family's modern-day "baby book" journal as anything else, I am happy to announce that Grace went pee pee IN the potty (not beside the potty, not on the bathroom rug, not in my closet), but IN the potty for the first time last Thursday, Feb. 5th!! We are now working on repeat performances :) She also has an obsession with emptying the potty - not so fun for whoever is cleaning up after her! And finally, just because this little girl loves hen we went for her doctor's visit, she was THRILLED when the nurse put us in the Old McDonald room. She kept looking at the mural, smiling, jumping, and then LOUDLY breaking into her own rendition of Old McDonald had a farm EIEIO - so much so that two of the other doctors and a couple of nurses stopped what they were doing to come clap for the little pumpkin's stage performance :) Dr. R - you made her day!


Courtney said...

Yeah for Grace using the potty!! Love her Valentine jog suit and her Tiny Sprouts dress. I might just have to get Molly a dress for the Spring.
What a sweet post on Ava! I'm gonna go check out her blog.
We have that same brown and pink tutu and top. I love it!! Where did you get the matching bow? I have been looking for some new bows lately and can't find any in Denver. I love the pink and brown and its a good size!

Jessica said...

Hi, Courtney,
Please do check out the Ava Memorial Site and her mom's blog, but be prepared with some tissues - it's a sad, sad story. I emailed you the info. for the bow! Grace loves that pettiskirt - I have a hard time getting her out of it!!

TaDa! Creations said...

I don't know how I missed this post! I absolutely LOVE those Valentine cards. I haven't been to Target in ages. So sad I missed them, but great find for you!

Jessica said...

I couldn't believe we found them at Target either! They were in the children's book section and not in the v-day section. Came in a paper-doll style/coloring book size book, and had perforated edges. Something like $4.99...our Target had a bunch for a while, but none now :(