Monday, August 31, 2009

school bells ringing

Today was the Open House at Grace's school. We packed up all of our supplies and off we went to meet the K-2 teachers at her Mother's Day Out program.

We've been talking about school for some weeks now and she's been excited to see all her school friends. I figured over the summer she would have forgotten about them, but she was quick to tell me just who she would be seeing...Ava, Jenna, Nicholas...and drumroll please...Miles!!!, her little boy friend (yea, I can't even bring myself to put those two words together just yet :)

Here she is right before we left for the Open House. Can you tell she's excited?
Here she is laughing and giggling after telling me a "school joke". She's just started figuring out how to tell silly jokes. Mostly by changing up the words to songs or rhymes, then laughing hysterically at her spoof. A contagious little laugh too, which only gets her going even more after seeing my reaction :)

And just for fun, a comparison - last year (18 months) and this year (2.5 years old): My little pumpkin is getting so BIG **sniff, sniff**

As we were leaving her school she told Lance and I, "that was SO MUCH FUN!" - wow, what a difference a year makes!! I still remember the tears (sobs, really) during that first month last Fall... guess I'll be the only one teary-eyed this time around.


Meandmyboys said...

Glad she likes school so much! We took Emerson to check out his new preschool and he didn't want to leave, I'll take that as a good sign :) Marshall, well he may be a bit like Grace was at 18 months and not loving the school idea! Also I LOVE all the great fabric prints and dresses you posted, Grace is going to look super cute!

Jessica said...

That's so awesome that Emerson liked his new preK - sure makes it easier for us mamas to see our babies happy about school. I bet Marshall will come around too - esp. having such a great example in his big bro!

That fabric is super cute, isn't it? I may have to buy some and talk mom into making something for Grace. The dresses are all inspiration only - I've been trying to be much better about spending - trying a whole new financial overhaul. Not fun but I think it'll be worth it in the end.

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