Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Art Class 101

This past weekend Grace and I had a chance to go to our old hometown and take part in a Children's Art Class that my sweet friend Laura organized. Laura has always had a flair for art. She is so creative and genuine. She's a preschool teacher too! The kind you would want your kids to have.

Last Fall, Laura took THESE and THESE sweet photos of my littles. This one is my favorite!!!! LOVE! It's now a big canvas over our mantle.Okay...sorry for the tangent. Anyhow, all that to say that when I told Grace we would be going to an art class taught by Mrs. Laura, she quickly chimed in saying, "Mrs. Laura that took my picture and knew all the fun PreK songs???" Yes, she was WONDERFUL with the little pumpkin during our photo session and definitely made an impression.

So it was no surprise that her art class was a hit with the 11 little girlies that participated. Hard at work I dont't know why but I just LOVE this picture! Like a mother hen with all her chicks in a row...just love it! Fun stuff! Part I complete. Now onto adding circles in those squares...or polka dots to some...or owls according to Grace :)

The sweet girls with Mrs. Laura!
Love how everyone's canvas turned out!
These two sweet girls, Lily & Ireland, helped the little girls out. Little girls just love being around older girls, don't they???Miss Lily (on the left), Laura's oldest daughter, helped Grace and she was so very sweet to the little pumpkin, telling her what fun colors she had chosen and encouraging her along. I helped Lily open a couple of paints and she was so polite and well-mannered. I'm always so impressed with kids who have been taught well. In this day and age of so much rudeness and lack of concern for others, it's such a breath of fresh air to see people raising kids well. Laura, you and Scott are doing an amazing job raising two beautiful Southern belles!

We're excited that we get to go back mid-September for another class...this time with pastels. FUN!


Kris said...

How neat!!

Louley's Belles said...

I'm gonna cry! Thank you! I am so glad she enjoyed herself. I love you!!!!

Jessica said...

We love YOU, Laura!! Thank you for sharing your talent with all the little ones!


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