Thursday, August 26, 2010

busy bee

While the little pumpkin's been busy with this: Yes, hOMeWorK!
And fun stuff like this: I've been busy with this: Yes! Cleaning out closets and getting ready to list more resells like these below over at
Strawberry Wellies & Dinosaurs Look for details HERE.

Coming soon!


Amber said...

Homework at 3 :) I think it is harder on us then them sometimes! I love the duck outfit!!! Reese would love it!!

Jenn said...

Such cute stuff!

By the way...something super sweet came in the mail yesterday! I could have KNOWN who it was from without looking at the address by the adorable explosion of aqua and red :) THANK YOU SO MUCH!! We will treasure the books...can't wait to finish his room and put them up there! Such a SUPER SWEET gift!!!!


Jessica said...

Yes, Amber, I can't believe it either! The duck outfit is super cute, made by Miss Priss (I believe that's the right name) who no longer sells on ebay.

Jenn~ Yay! I'm so glad you got them - can't wait to see his nursery!!

Spears said...

woohoo for resells! Looks like a lot of smaller (ADORABLE) things, but fingers crossed for 3t ;)

Jessica said...

Some 3Ts and even some 4Ts!!!