Tuesday, August 24, 2010

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First Day of School - Part II

So after we dropped off the little pumpkin at school and ran to the post office to mail some packages (I'd forgotten just how easy one child is when it comes to errands!), Hudson & I headed home and enjoyed some one-on-one time.

We played "school"...

and then I just watched him play his new favorite game...

First, you put it waaaaay up there. Then you take it down and examine it closely, saying "ca" (car). Then you throw it down HARD to see what it does. Getting tickled at the loud THUD it makes when it hits the chair. Repeat...and again...and again.

This one is 100% boy.
I love to watch him play.
Boys play so differently from girls! And then it was FINALLY time to go pick up the little pumpkin at school!!! We walked in just in time as her teacher was handing Grace the paints to give out to her friends. It was so cute to watch them get excited when it was their turn! The teacher had them bring their favorite t-shirt on the first day, they each took turns describing why it was their favorite, then they put them all together and tried to remember what shirt belonged to whom...part of their My Friends and Me unit for the week. She was so excited when I picked her up and I could tell she really enjoyed her first day, which put this mama's heart at ease. An answered prayer indeed!

She was tickled that they made pudding during their "math" time, learning about equal parts and conversions "and then we got to EAT IT for SNACK!!!!!" Loved how happy she was! The teacher gave each kiddo their own copy of The Kissing Hand to take home, a sweet book about a racoon who misses his mama on the first day of school. I'd never heard of this book before. LOVE IT! And when we got home.... A celebration "cake" in honor of her first official day of school!!! Just a simple little way to fancy up her PB&J using THIS super easy recipe from Gourmet Mom on-the-Go. Anything to make her day a little more special! So thankful for a wonderful first day!
Here's to many, many, many more days like this one!


Louley's Belles said...

The cake made me laugh, you are truly the "Super Mom of the Year"! My hat is off to you. I love that t-shirt idea. I am sharing that this morning with my teacher friends at work. We do a getting to know you bucket, where they get to bring a favorite snack, toy, book, movie etc. and they share it. I have been reading "The Kissing Hand" every year for the first day of school since I started teaching. It's one of those that I can just tell the story without reading it and show the pictures. Love it. Glad she is having a fun time. This stage in life is so much fun. And to answer your questions, yes, we have boys come and learn about our school on one day and girls come on the next. So pray for me today. They will ALL be there with me. Have a great day!

coolkids said...

Hudson is too cute. My son is 14 months and plays just like him. He is also 100% all boy. I amazes me how different boys play from girls. Its so fun to see. I love his little outfit. Is it vintage?
Also, love that pbj cake idea! too fun.

Jessica said...

Laura~ I LOVE that book! It's just perfect! I had never heard of it before so I'm in awe! You will do GREAT today...those littles are so very blessed to have you as their teacher...wish all kiddos would have a wonderful first school experience - I know yours will!

Betsy~ Thanks!! The little outfit is one my MIL got for's by Fore Axel & Hudson, a company I had never heard of until she gave me the little one piece!

Kris said...

Love the pb&j cake!! So clever! Glad she had such a great first day of school. My little grandson had a great first week, then began to cry when it was time to go on 2nd week. Just about broke my heart to leave him!!!

Cori said...

Yay! Hodgepodge of days here, too! Abe read "The Kissing Hand" this week at school, too. In fact, Eric and I had homework last night! We each had to trace and decorate our handprint and then attach a sweet note to Abram with it. The teacher will combine them all to make a book (not sure if it's a class booklet or individual one). Anyway, it was fun. Can't wait to see the one Abe made for us at school.
I've never met Mrs. Bryan but her children are wonderful. Her daughter was a Sigma Kappa at Tech. And then you know Meghan's mom Betty should still be next door teaching Discoveries. Haven't seen her in ages, but I think she's still teaching.

Cricket said...

HI!! so glad to hear your little pumpkin had an awesome day at school! This book use to be one of mine and my boys favorite books to read when they were small! There is another..can't remember the name where the racoon gets a new baby sibling and learns to share the kissing hand!! :) enjoy these precious moments!