Monday, August 30, 2010

family tree...birthday hats too!

So remember how I mentioned homework??? During our Parent Orientation they gave us this Family Tree project to complete by September 1st. That felt so far away back then. Well, lo and behold September 1st is just right around the corner now so I figured we better get to working on this...and FAST! Over the span of two days we glittered leaves, wrote family names, and then added some photos to the tree and ended up with this: Tip: Full size label sheets make perfect printed "photo stickers"!

And while the little pumpkin glued and glittered away...I worked on these sweet little hats: Just as pretty on the inside as on the outside! I love to add a fun little {unexpected} detail to the inside!! And the coordinating "5" hats finish it off! Hats are for my favorite pair of twins!
Can't wait to see their whole party soon!


Amber said...

Love the hats!!! A & E are going to look adorable in them! Can't wait to see what Angel comes up with in blue & pink! The little surprise inside is soo fun!

Courtney said...

Love the hats!!
I want you to make some for Nancy's 1st bday next June! Yep, Molly's party is over and now its on to planning Nancys!

Teresa said...

The hats are beautiful Jessica! And I am super impressed that they are just as beautiful on the inside as out (most things I make, I tell people not to inspect too closely) Are you going to post a tutorial on these?

Jessica said...

Court~ I'd be glad to :)
Can't wait to see pics from Miss Molls party!!!

Hi, Teresa~ Thank you for the compliment!! Since I sell them I'm going to have to skip the tutorial for now, but who of these days I may just do that!

Teresa said...

Whoops, sorry Jessica! I didn't realise you sell these lovely hats - but great to know! Would you ship to Australia?

Jessica said...

Hi, Teresa,
Yes, that would be no problem! I would just need to calculate the shipping and add that to the order.