Saturday, August 28, 2010

I interrupt this message...

to introduce you to...

SuPEr HuDsON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!followed at lightning speed by...

SuPEr GrACe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now, I ALWAYS have my camera with me and then today - when we have 2 fun birthdays (Superhero & Farm) for 2 of our favorite little friends - what do I do??? Leave the camera at home. Back-up diaper bag camera? Nope, forgot that one too. Those 2 pics were taken with my phone.

So no cute pics - I'm so sad :(
Grace & Hudson were even matching in their little farm/cowboy inspired outfits and Heidi even had a "watering hole" photo booth set up and everything. I'm hoping we can get some pictures from the mamas at the parties.

Cori, the kids L-O-V-E-D the capes and masks!! Simply THE BEST party favor EVER!!! Thank you SO MUCH and thank you for inviting us - the littles had a blast at Abram's Superhero Birthday!

And to my teeny, tiny goddaughter Ella Kate~ you were the sweetest little prissy cowgirl at your farm 2nd birthday!!! We love you so much!!



Amber said...

Yea for fun birthday parties!!! Love the capes..what a fun idea!

Sherri said...

Too cute!
I always laugh at how crushed I am when I leave my camera! It feels like the end of the world! These are great pictures!

Heather L. said...

How cute is that????? Love it!

Sorry about the camera - I do the same thing every once in awhile and I get all panicky!