Sunday, August 22, 2010

'twas the night before school started...

...and all through the house SiLLiNesS abound! We started a new tradition today. Every year on the day before school starts I will measure the littles to see how they've grown! Hudson is still to squiggly...he was NOT interested in standing there still for even a second.

Verdict says............40 inches!! Actually a hair over 40", but 40 just sounds better, doesn't it? 12 noon: We went to late Mass and then to lunch which meant that by the time we made it home Hudson was E-X-H-A-U-S-T-E-D. He's my cuddle bug and I got to hold him the entire time he napped, I think a little over 2 hours. Sweetest part of my day! I love that little guy!! Dinner was nothing fancy, but in celebration of school starting, Grace's choice: cheesy beefy mac, matchstick carrots with ranch, grapes, and chocolate milk - WOW, what a combination!!??! And just when I thought the littles couldn't get any sillier (it was that kind of a day)...I looked up and saw this...SWOON! 6:45 PM: One bath to go!

7:30 PM:
After bath time, the little pumpkin needed to complete a worksheet. Yes, HOMEWORK!!! And yes, even BEFORE school officially started. Her teacher gave us the worksheet during our Parent Orientation a couple of weeks back...and I forgot about it until I was going through her folder filling out the gazillion back to school forms for tomorrow. 7:45 PM: And then in a moment of panic I remembered the OTHER big worksheet/project so we hustled to get her working on it and then Lance & I both vaguely remembered the teacher saying..."by September 1st" I'm praying that's right. So while the backpack is packed and clothes are pressed and ready to go, I can tell this new routine is not quite ironed out for us - mainly me - so I better get a bit more organized...and FAST!

But not so fast as to miss this sweet handwriting from my little pumpkin:
8:30 PM: Bedtime!............ 30 minutes later than our goal but we'll get there! Jitters are in full force...hers AND mine. My thoughts keep drifting to
March 10, the hours before I had her...the waiting...the anticipation...the excitement...the nervousness...funny how all the same feelings come flooding once again...

8:45 PM: For the first time since she was born, Grace came out of her room saying, "Mama, I can't sleep." My sweet girl - too excited and probably a little nervous too. Another round of kisses and snuggles and she was all tucked in once again.

8:55 PM: Not a peep so I assumed she'd drifted off. I wanted to sneak in and catch a glimpse of my angelic little girl sleeping...on the night before school started...but instead this: What a little stinker!!!

9:20 PM: Finally... Sleep tight my big preschooler girl, sleep tight.


Louley's Belles said...

Just love to see those answers on her homework! Too cute. I wish her a wonderful first day today!

Heather L. said...

How cute!!! I feel nervous for her just reading this LOL! Hope she has a GREAT first day today!!!

PS - is Hudson going to a Mother's Morning Out? I think you mentioned that. I am still trying to decide whether to send Carter or not. It's only 1 day a week but both of us have serious separation anxiety =)

Amber said...

How exciting!! Hope you only she d afew tears :)

Cheyenne said...

What a sweet pea! I laughed so hard at her worksheet that said, 'When I was a baby I...SCREAMED!' Not cried, not fussed, not was happy...but screamed! haha! The last picture is so precious!

Melissa said...

I did not realize that Grace's birthday is the same day as the twins, just a few years ahead of them though. :) Cutie pies you have!!!

Kris said...

Awww. She will be so excited and loving it!!!

Virginia said...

What a beautiful and sweet way to document this milestone in Grace's life!
The picture of her and Hudson spontaneously interacting and the last one of her asleep are priceless.
Grace,God bless you and guide you always, my special girl. Have a wonderful school year.
Love, Noonie

Jessica said...

Thanks you guys!!

Heather~ He is going to try out MDO 2x/week...we'll see - he is definitely not fond of strangers!

Amber~ Only a few...and I made it all the way to the car :)

Cheyenne~ She made me LOL with that one (so true though!)!!!

Melissa~ Oooh, birthday buddies!! How fun!

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