Wednesday, August 4, 2010

smarty pants! I love, love, love this sweet back to school tee Angel & Amy of TaDa! Creations created for the little pumpkin. It is so cute and I love how they personalized the books just for Grace. You can find TaDa! HERE. I bet if you ask, they might be able to make an applique tee just for you!

Speaking of back to school, Grace is SOOOOOOOO ready! Lately she's been obsessed with spelling and letter sounds. And with comparing things. She goes around telling me stuff like, "itch is a matter of scratch" and "tired is a matter of sleep". Not sure where she gets this stuff but it's fun to "see" the wheels turning in her head. And a little someone else is going to try Mother's Day Out for the very first time! Yes, Hudson!! It's just two days a week for a couple of hours at the same wonderful church program Grace went to, so I hope he, too, will have a great first "school" experience. Although...he hasn't been too keen on strangers lately so we'll see how it goes come September! Speaking of school and Fall..........why is it that stores start putting out their Christmas decorations in July??? I don't mind the fall stuff being out because it's like a nice little rainbow at the end of the heat wave that is our summer, but Christmas??? so soon? I guess...if you can't beat 'em, join 'em! I did buy this fun fabric for a little Christmas dress for the little pumpkin. A planner? Yes, I'm a planner. Now...if I didn't procrastinate so bad on all the other "to do's" I just don't want to do!
Are you in full back to school swing?


Amber said...

What a yummy post!!! Love the shirt Angel & Amy made Grace!! Love the little lunch box...adorable!! Where did you find it? There isn't any school here on our end but fall sewing is in full swing! I am not ready for the cold weather on my end :) But then again we don't have 107* heat here either.

Louley's Belles said...

I always love to read Grace's comments. I think she may be a gifted and talented girl. She is amazing!!! Love all your purchases. You always have such great taste. Can't wait to see that Christmas fabric put to good use!

Heather L. said...

All kinds of cute stuff in this post!!! Love the school shirt - it's just perfect! I am still debating whether to send Carter to Mother's Morning Out - I just can't decide whether I'm ready or not. He is SUCH a mama's boy, and doesn't like strangers at ALL - but I feel like I need to get him to start playing with other kids his age - all of his friends are 7 and 11 year old girls - haha! If he does go to school, I think he needs a cute lunchbox like Hudson's! So sweet!

PS - don't you love little boy shoes? They kill me!

Kris said...

Hi Jessica,
Did you make Hudson's darling little lunch ask? And where do you buy your oilcloth? Also, what size needle do you put in your machine for sewing the oilcloth? I do have a heavy duty Viking that I think could handle the oilcloth stitching just fine. Also, live the little back to school T for Pumpkin G.

Ashleigh said...

Hey!! Ok it took me a while to decide which post I wanted to comment on, but when I saw this one about Christmas fabric, I had to tell you that you are NOT alone! I bought this precious mod christmas tree fabric in cordinating red and turquiose fabrics with hopes to make Ella Grace and Emery matching dresses. And there is some really cute polka dot fabric at Hobby Lobby but I have made a vow to sew at least 3 things before buying anymore fabric. CAN YOU RELATE OR WHAT!!??!! I will email you the links to the dance website and my fave ETSY pattern and fabric shops! Give me a couple of days though because I am gearing up for this Mickey birthday party...sosososo tired of cutting out MM heads!!!! but it will be worth it :)

Jessica said...

He, He, He ladies - your sweet comments always make it fun!

Amber~ I'm excited about your fall sewing - can't wait to see what you make!

Laura~ Grace keeps me on my toes - that's for sure! I meant to tell you this on FB and I'm not sure if I did or not but I LOVE the blue dress you wore to Wicked!! Gorgeous on you and such a great pic of you and Scott too!

Heather~ Yes, little boy shoes are so stinkin' cute! And I love that Carter is such a ladies man already :) HA!

Kris~ I didn't make his little lunchbox. I found it at a local boutique and had it personalized. It's by Sugar Booger - what a name, huh? :) Oh, and I use size 9 needles when sewing on oil cloth. And always a new, sharp needle to minimize the pull on the oilcloth fabric and the size of the stitch holes. I buy my oilcloth in Canton, TX at the Monday Trade Days. I'm still looking for additional online suppliers - will share if I find some! If you look on the oilcloth chalkmat tutorial on my sidebar, one of the ladies left a comment on the vendor I buy from in Canton. They have an online portal but I believe you have to call to place an order as their site is not secure.

Ashleigh~ Yay! So happy you left a comment so I could find you and keep up with your pretty gurlz and all your fun adventures! Can't wait to see pics from the MM party! Love the portraits of the girls by the way!

Jessica said...

I found more info!

Here's a link to all the lunch sack designs from Sugar Booger by ORE:

If you do a google search for "Sugar Booger lunch sack" you'll get a bunch of online vendors.

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