Thursday, September 23, 2010

hello, FALL!

Candy.Corn.Hershey's.Kisses............say no more! What's your favorite Fall recipe???
I'd love to know!


Heather L. said...

Love how cute those kisses are! I've never eaten one, though. I probably don't need to know what they taste like!

My favorite recipe is pumpkin chocolate chip muffins. Actually, pretty much anything pumpkin related. YUM!!!

Kris said...

No way!!! I LOVE candy corn!!! Where did you find these???

Jennifer said...

The are so cute! Are they yummy?

Amber said...

These are adorable! I didn't realize they were kisses when you sent me the pic. i love pumpkin Pie Icecream from Toft's :) Also, love to make homemade soups this time of year!

Jessica said...

Okay gals.......share those recipes with me!!!!

I love soup and I love muffins so I'd love to try some new ones!!

Kris~ I got them at Target...2 bags and counting! *blush*

They are SOOOO yummy! So far, I plan on doing 2 things with them:

1) I'm going to melt them slightly on top of mini pretzels for a cute preschool snack for the little pumpkin one week in October.
2) I'm making either muffins or cupcakes and placing them in little clear boxes, then lining up the candy corn kisses around the cupcake inside the box for a cute little treat at her halloween party!

LOVE Halloween! Can't stand the cuteness!!! he he he

Ashley said...

Speaking of Fall...have you seen the wellies just posted on today?? Super cute!!

TaDa! Creations said...

Oh I've never tired those. So cute! And great idea to make the pretzel wreaths with them.

I've discovered that I actually like candy corn this year. I always thought I didn't so stayed away. Silly me. :)

Jessica said...

Angel!!! You have been missing out!! :)

Ashley~ I had never heard of Zulily!!! I missed out on the wellies but thanks for letting me know about it! I just signed up and bought a fab halloween smocked set for Hudson at a great price! :)