Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Summer's Last Hurrah! - Part II

Only one way to describe it..............


We made the (LONG) trek to south Louisiana - Folsom to be exact - which is near New Orleans and visited Global Wildlife Center where we had a blast on our safari excursion!4000 animals over 900 acres, need I say more?Getting ready to go on our adventure!
Poor baby Hudson was beginning to develop a case of the sniffles here :( These boots were made for walkin' stompin'... Little Cowgirl Handsome fella! Seasoned travelers Novices We rode one of these: And got to feed some amazing animals like Sally, the Camel: And a bunch more! Grace LOVED the "Bambis" Hudson was mesmerized! My attempt to have Hudson feed an animal...
Looking at the animals-YES!
Feeding them-No way Jose!
Maybe it was this guy that scared him! S-t-r-e-t-c-h!!! She was so happy to have touched a bull!
"He's rough and scratchy, scratchy." There's nothing like seeing these animals up close and personal...and happy...and well taken care of...and roaming free.

We didn't get to see the giraffes up close...they were - ahem - having some adult time :)
Winding down...
There's something about this picture...I just love it!
Keeping it real...
Me: "Grace, did you have a fun time???!!!"
Grace: "YES! Now can we go swing on Papa J's swing?" ;)
What a fun trip this was!
THANK YOU NOONIE & PAPA J for this amazing adventure!!!!


Amber said...

What a fun place!! Reese would go nuts there!!! Miss G looked adorable in her cow dress and fun cowgirl boots :)

Kris said...

What fun! We visited New Orleans, right before Katrina. It was one of our most fun vacations ever!!!

Virginia said...

We all LOVED our Safari adventure!
Most of all we loved having you and us all together for some fun quality time.
And about that tire swing...Grace's laughter and happy face were priceless(Can't wait for Hudson to be old enough to try it).
These are memories that we'll treasure forever.
With love, Papa J and Noonie

Jennifer said...

Something about the giraffes...we were at the zoo on Monday and one started having her baby. The lady next to us noticed it-it was like National Geographic in real life.

Amy Hightower Murphy said...

I had no idea you lived in Louisiana! I stumbled across your blog once when searching for birthday party ideas and started following it. I just assumed you lived up north. I live in near Ruston, La part of them time and part of the time we live in The Woodlands, TX near Houston. It's nice to know that I'm following a "local" person's blog! :) Your kids are adorable and I love how creative you are! Thanks for sharing!

Jessica said...

Oh my, Jennifer!!!! That's incredible! So....did you get to see the whole thing or did the zoo keepers move them to a different part of the enclosure when they noticed? Bet that was a sight!

Hi, Amy~ How fun! I love Texas and The Woodlands!! And Austin...and Dallas...and... ;)