Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Summer's Last Hurrah! - Part III

Yes, this is my last "hurrah!" post - promise!

On our way back from the Safari, we took advantage of being close by and visited the Southern Living Louisiana Idea House 2010 in Covington, LA.

Photo Credit: Southern Living

While Lance stayed in the car with a napping Hudson, the little pumpkin and I joined Noonie & Papa J to check it out. It was GORGEOUS! They didn't mind cameras so I took some pictures...for inspiration! When I was little and we lived in Puerto Rico, we loved to tour all the new subdivisions and model homes. Living in a tourist destination, there were ALWAYS new homes cropping up everywhere. Gorgeous, lavish homes. We used to make an excursion out of it (cheap entertainment?) and I remember running from room to room deciding which one would be mine if we moved times!

This was Grace telling me she wanted the PINK room, of course ;) She was a bit wound up from the safari so I told her she needed to calm down and this is what I got..."sitting like a lady" she said!...can you just see the wheels turning in her head???! It wasn't too long before we had a little MISCHIEF! But isn't this outdoors entertainment space GORGEOUS??!! Upstairs on the landing, they had this fun little nook set up as a reading spot - LOVE IT! I have a thing for chandeliers. This one's not my usual taste but I love it all the same! The funniest part was Grace playing with Papa J like they were "fancy people" according to her. She was so silly talking in a funny voice and pretending she lived in a castle...thanks for being such a great sport, Papa J! A fun end to a very fun weekend! Hope your own "Summer's Last Hurrah" was FANTASTIC! FALL, where are you????