Thursday, September 9, 2010

Grandparents Day

Today was Grandparents Day at Grace's preschool. She was soooooooooooooooo
excited that both Mimi & Pop and Noonie were going to be able to make it for the special program and spaghetti lunch.

This morning right before school...Noonie & GraceActing silly with Mimi & Pop I love these life-size self portraits her class did. And here's the little pumpkin's self portrait! PINK, of course! But what I'm loving is all the girly touches she added...the bows...her signature pigtails...the EYELASHES!!!...the nail polish...the watch...and a necklace too! he he he Girly Girl, that's my girl!

They had sweet flowers in little paper bags and a 3D storybook they each made for their grands...this cute little poem too! And when we got home... I love how Hudson gets SO EXCITED to see Grace walk through the door! He just gives her the biggest hugs! I sure hope they always stay close like that.

THANK YOU Noonie, Mimi & Pop for making Grace's day at school SO SPECIAL!!!

Grace & Hudson are lucky to have such wonderful grandparents!


Amber said...

G did look gorgeous....non layered and all :) Love the shoes with the FT dress. Grace looked so happy to have her grandparents with sweet! Love all the girly touches to paper G :)

The England Family said...

Such a sweet post! WOW, looks like Grace's preschool is AWESOME! Lucky little girl.

Cheyenne said...

Love those lashes! ;) Special day with the grandparents!

Jessica said...

Thank you guys!! And yes, we are so, so, so lucky that Grace goes to a WONDERFUL preschool - an answered prayer indeed!

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