Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hudson's turn!!!

We've decided to let Hudson try out
Mother's Day Out 2x/week for a couple of hours. It's the same MDO program at our church that Grace went to when she was 18 months so I know it's a WONDERFUL program full of sweet teachers...but...he's my baby boy...and it's still so hard to think of having anyone watch him other than me, my mom, or my MIL. We'll see...

Anyhow, today was Meet & Greet day so we got ready and headed out the door. Doesn't he look handsome in a school boy kind of way???? he he he
Thank you Angel for the adorable MJ shortall! The first thing he ran to when we made it to the room was the kitchen! Hmmm...does he have a big sister or what?? :) Checking out the new toys with Daddy Gotta love those cheeks! I think I like this place! Wait a minute!
It's not so much fun when they take my stuff!.... and there's TWO of them... we'll have to work on that... Daaaaaddyyy!
Oh, my sweet boy!
We love you so much!!! Here's to new discoveries and adventures!

Mama, Daddy, & Grace


Anonymous said...

How sweet.....Looks like litle Hudson is in for a new adventure :)

coolkids said...

He is too cute. I love the last picture of the two of you.

Amber said...

Yea for Hudson!! Wish I had something like this close by. Reese would ahve a blast and so we mama :) Little Hudson is starting to look like a little man.

Heather L. said...

So cute!!! I decided to not do mother's morning out for Carter yet, but I am sort of wishing I did after seeing these pics of Hudson having fun! He is looking so grown up.

TaDa! Creations said...

Oh he is growing up way too fast. That last picture is just beautiful. I hoep hudson enjoys his new adventures.

Jessica said...

Thank you ladies!!

Heather~ I'm soooooooo nervous thinking about how he'll do. He's definitely a mama's boy and I just don't know how he'll handle it all. Praying for a smooth transition...his and mine :)