Sunday, September 12, 2010

box o' goodies

Friday was a tough day for us. Noonie & Papa J's dog, Sassy, had to be put to sleep because of medical reasons. Sassy girl was 11 1/2 years old and just the SWEETEST and most gentle dog ever. The little pumpkin even called going to Noonie & Papa J's house, going to Sassy's house. We haven't told her yet...not sure how...any tips??? We miss you Sassy girl. Rest in peace!

So when a little box of goodies arrived in the mail that afternoon it was such a little ray of sunshine on an otherwise gray skies day. Inside...some adorable clothes for Grace & Hudson made by my friend Amber.
THANK YOU Amber for the sweet gifts! We love everything!!!

I can't wait to show you Hudson's adorable shirt...but it has long sleeves so we'll have to wait for the first patch of cool, breezy Fall air to snap some pics.

But the dress was just perfect for our lazy Sunday afternoon trip to the ice cream shoppe.

Hmmm...what to choose, what to choose??

YUMM-Y! Drip, Drip... Drip...Drip...Drip!
But oh, so good! Amber~ Grace was sooooo excited to wear this dress! When I put it on her she said, "Ooooooh, I like this! Can I wear it to school tomorrow?" It even passed the all-important twirl & play tests with flying colors! Amazing how happy she gets when she's wearing something she really likes. This may or may not have had anything to do with that last picture ;) Thanks again, Amber!
We LOVE this super cute and comfy dress. You should really think about setting up an etsy shoppe *wink*

And though it's still warm outside, little bits and pieces of Fall are starting to make their way to our home, both outside...
and inside! Hurry up Fall!


Amber said...

She looks adoarble!!! So glad she likes it! I love that they are so comfy but still cute! Reese was the same way when she wore her dress :) I will have to take a pic and send it to you next time she wears it! So glad you like everything!

Heather L. said...

I am so sorry about Sassy =( That is so sad.

What an adorable dress - I love it! Amber did a great job!

Queen of Good Intentions said...

So so cute... another common object.. the chair Hudson is standing next to-- Mine have been on my porch for 5 years and have not weathered well... debating on what to do with them... they are light yellow but I like the blue... this is Andrea... just changed my identity- silly me... I think I forgot to tell you that my oldest has the bedspread on her bed that you used at the pink PreK party... I just love your blog.

Virginia said...

Love all the pictures. Hudson looks great standing by the front door!
Your knack for decorating and putting things together is awesome!
I love that new owl on the mantel!
Love, Mom
PS: We are missing Sassy a lot! She was such a "good girl", as I used to call her.

Jessica said...

Thanks again Amber!

Thanks Heather~ it's been lonely withouth that Sassy girl wagging her tail :(

Andrea~ Yay!! So glad to know that's "you" :)

Thanks Mom ~ love you!