Friday, September 3, 2010

little senorita

To wrap up "M" week at preschool, Grace's class celebrated Mexico Day (what happened to Cinco de Mayo??? :) today. They were asked to dress in anything that was Mexico-like and to bring any Mexican items they had to class.

I tried to find the "loudest" dress in her closet and we added a flower hair pin instead of a bow to her hair. The shoes were a compromise since I had to skip the cute ones I wanted her to wear in favor of some that could (barely) pass the "P.E. tennis shoes" requirement since today was a P.E. day. And then we found one of the maracas Noonie & Papa J had given her from one of their cruises. So...witout further adieu, I present to you...Little Miss Senorita! They made the shawls in class this week and they each got a hat to keep. She wasn't too happy about the hat...said it was hot and messed up her hair (Miss Priss!) but I thought she looked so cute in all her Mexican gear! Couldn't resist taking a pic of her star from Week 1: They made quesadillas during class and then enjoyed them as a snack. Of course the pinata was a big hit - no pun intended! And they even made mini donkey pinatas to bring home - so cute! They dressed up in class and when we got there to pick them up they came out and modeled their outfits for us. She was a bit shy :) I love this picture...makes me think of one of those little Mexican trinket toys of a Senor taking a siesta by a cactus - he he he! She wanted me to take a picture of the sombrero because it did have pink in it after all! " IS itchy but it's a little bit cute because it has pink & aqua cotton candy" Silly girlie! I'm so glad you had fun my little Senorita! Next week is Colors, the letter T, and Grandparents Day! Grace is so excited to have her grands visit her classroom and eat a special snack with her!!