Monday, December 20, 2010

mimi's birthday!

A little camera card mishap left me frazzled. For days I couldn't find the camera card I took out right before the Cookie Party. Then last night...POOF! I found it in the very pocket of my camera bag that I had looked for it at least 438,562 times. Arrrrgh...

At least I found it, right?!

Two fridays ago we celebrated Mimi's birthday! Grace was so excited to give her the card she'd made.
I tried and tried to get a picture with Hudson but he's 100% boy and on the go all the time and just not interested in slowing down for pictures. Who can blame him? Pictures are no fun when there are exciting things to check out like Mimi & Pop's decorations! (Doesn't Hudson look cute in that little elf jon jon?? he he he...I figure I've only got another year or so that I'll be able to get away with dressing him in sweet jon jons/longalls, so why not...)

Speaking of being on the go...I made a bet with Grace that if she got Hudson to ride in the babydoll stroller, I'd give her a dollar. Of course, thinking there was no way Hudson would ever sit still long enough for Grace to get him IN the stroller, much less, push him around in it. Boy was I WRONG! The little pumpkin's piggy bank is now $1 fatter!
Happy Birthday, Mimi!!Thank you for being such a sweet grandma to Grace & Hudson!!

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Amber said...

Makes me a little jealous seeing pictures of your kids outside with no coats...and Hudson in a shortall :) Makes me miss the warmth, but the snow is nice for Christmas!