Tuesday, December 21, 2010


The last 2 weeks of school before holiday break were buzzing with activities, including 2 field trips.

First up, Dr. Carter and his trains. Sweet Dr. Carter and his wife welcomed the littles into their home for an up close and personal look at his train collection.
Oh my, I have never seen so many vintage trains in one location. He had tables and tables. It was amazing!

Grace was the class leader that day so she was first in line to try and catch the gift Mickey Mouse throws from his train.
There's something to be said for learning from our elders. To me, there's just nothing like it. Passing down knowledge, traditions, passions...from one generation to the next...a gift like no other. Zoom!
(real smoke and everything!)
So excited to see them up close and personal! Sweet Mrs. Carter baked the littles chocolate chip cookies for a snack... Yummy! It was even Dr. Carter's birthday that day, so the little ones sang him Happy Birthday...I sure hope he had as much fun as they did! Thank you Dr. & Mrs. Carter!

The final field trip for the semester was to Mrs. Gloria's home to see her collection of Christmas decorations.
Oh my, she had over 10 trees, each decorated in a different theme. Grace loved the little village, especially the ice skaters. Every corner of her home was decorated for Christmas. Mrs. Gloria said it takes her and her husband about a month to set it all up. She even has a small house on her property that houses all of the Christmas decor during the off season. Mrs. Gloria let each child select one of the moving/talking toys to see up close. Guess what Grace selected???Of course! Rudolph! My favorite decoration in Mrs. Gloria's home was this globe. It had a special pointer that you could touch to a country and it would say "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year" in their language. Thank you Mrs. Gloria for the sweet snacks & treat bags and for opening up your home and letting the littles take a peek at Christmases past. And with that school was over!
Two full weeks of celebrating with family & friends.
Let the lazy mornings begin!


Amber said...

What a fun time. I love that they let the littles enjoy time with some mature folks. I am sure they enjoyed it as much or more then the littles!

Jen @ said...

How fun! What great little field trips. That globe that says Merry Christmas in different languages is awesome! It looks like they had a great time!

Merry Christmas!!