Thursday, December 16, 2010

anything for a picture...

Grace & Hudson were so cute today in their matching smocked outfits!!! A southern mama's dream, I tell ya!

Lance had to leave super early today to catch a flight which meant I had to get both littles ready and out the door by myself (I'm so NOT a morning person!!) but even though we were about to pass that crucial 5 minutes that makes the difference between being on time and having to rush, I couldn't help myself...I wanted to get a picture of them together! You know, before they got all messy at school & Mother's Day Out.

No luck :( This was the best I could get...fake smile & busy body.

I was super excited that their outfits fit! I bought them the day after Christmas last year for a super duper great price and was hoping I had estimated Hudson's size correctly. Yay me! (...some days it's the little things folks!)

Want to guess what today's theme was at Preschool...
Yes, Rudolph! This has been the year of Rudolph for the little pumpkin. She has been obsessed with the red-nosed little fella. She was sooooo happy the day I bought the classic movie (I think I'd forgotten that it's a bit scary in parts! Yikes!).Anyhow, she has this really cute little innocent thing that I don't want to of our Christmas cd's has Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, followed by Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer. Yes, definitely not what I want her singing. The first time "Grandma" snuck up on us and for days she went around singing "you can say there's no such thing as Santa..." NOT what you want your 3 y/o singing at preschool.

So the next time the cd was playing in the car I hit the repeat button on Rudolph to avoid Grandma and when it came on again she said quietly "Mama...I wished to listen to Rudolph again...and IT HAPPENED!" and when it came on again and again..."Mama, I just wished and it came true!" Sweet I wish we could bottle it up forever! I had to try again...this time after school...and with bribes in hand. Yes, I know. But look at that sweet face!! Noonie was trying to help me and she had them giggling all over the place! So cookie crumbs all over the place and mouths stuffed to the rim with sugar goodness...that's okay, this is who we are. Today. In 2010. And I love it. 8 more days...Oh my!


coolkids said...

Hudson reminds me so much of my almost 18 month old. He is too cute!

Spears said...

soooo precious :)

Jessica said...

Thanks you guys!!