Wednesday, December 29, 2010

grandparents = F.U.N.

We spent Christmas Eve with Noonie & Papa J. We went to Mass, then dinner at one of our favorite Italian restaurants, and finally home to open presents!

A rare picture with all of us in it! The little pumpkin was so tired I had to get the littles in the car as soon as dinner was served and drive around to let them get in a mini nap. Of course once we made it home she quickly proclaimed, "My tired went away. I'm ready to open presents!"

Hudson is pretty crazy about Papa J... Two peas in a pod =) So excited!!! Thank you Noonie & Papa J! And why are they clapping??? See for yourself! They're cheering on Daddy & Papa J! Yes, the little pumpkin insisted they set up her mini trampoline right away ;) Hudson's turn! Hooray for boy toys! The littles with Noonie & Papa J With my {once again} tired little pumpkin - Hudson was too busy checking out his new toys to sit with me. One final attempt at a group shot... Mimi & Pop, Lexi and Jade came over two days before Christmas and we all went to dinner and then opened gifts. It was Grace & Hudson's first time to open Christmas gifts this year so they were verrrrrrrry excited...much too excited for pictures. Yay! Ariel!Hudson with Aunt Lexi And with Cousin Jade Thank you Mimi & Pop for all the generous presents!

We saw everyone again Christmas afternoon at Aunt Marilyn & Mememaw's house. Hudson is pretty crazy about his blankie...and about Pop! He loves to ride on Pop's shoulders and get a good view. Sorry Pop I cut off your head on accident! :(
The little pumpkin making her strongest case on why we should just skip dinner and go straight to opening presents. It was a wild zoo of kids and presents and wrapping paper and fun! I didn't get too many good pictures but we had a great time. Thank you Aunt Marilyn & Mememaw for EVERYTHING! There's nothing like spending time with family!


Kris said...

You have such a beautiful family! I think you are a carbon copy of your lovely Mama!!

Virginia said...

Yes! This is what Christmas is all about: sweet Baby Jesus and family. I am so grateful to be a close presence in Grace's and Hudson's lives! My face, my mind and my heart light up just thinking about them! And you, my dear daughter, are a great, loving, caring, sensitive human being. You are a wonderful daughter, wife and mother. Your family is lucky and blessed to have you... and so am I !
Lots of blessings to you all in the New Year, which, by the way, is only a little over 6 hours away.
HAPPY NEW YEAR (2011)!!!!!!!
All my love, Mom/Noonie

Jessica said...

Awww...thanks Kris! She is an amazing woman so that's a great compliment!

Mom~ you know I love you with all my heart. Thank you for being such an incredible example in my life!

susan said...

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