Thursday, December 16, 2010

party favors & teachers' gifts

Today was Hudson's Christmas party at Mother's Day Out, which meant I stayed up waaaaaay to late putting together little gifts for his sweet teachers and school friends.

First up, a simple little party favor for his buddies. This year, the 1 year old class that he's in has younger kids than I remember with Grace so I'm always looking for something creative that's not a choking hazard, etc.

What do you get when you put together all of this and mix it up??? Why, "Reindeer Food" Trail Mix, of course! I added some cute free printable tags by Helen Dardik of Orange You Lucky and voila! The front of the bags was pretty cute too, especially since they had a visit from Santa at school today! Next came the teachers' gifts. I went the practical route and got them all gift cards, added some fun Santa shaped sugar cookies, and put it all in a cute felt bag. I did add an initial to each one made out of a chenille stem/pipe cleaner for a sweet little touch. Sorry for the flashy pics...they were taken in the wee hours of the morning :O

Hudson with Mrs. BrookeHudson with Mrs. RebekahHudson with Mrs. Cheryl, the Director, checking out the sweetest tree with all handmade ornaments by the littles there. Love all 3 of those sweet ladies!!!

We're doing a class gift for Grace's teachers tomorrow during their Class Christmas Party, but I still wanted her to bring them a little something we picked out together. We found some super sweet glittery ornaments at Pier 1 that reminded me of yesteryear, so we added those to some fun little buckets and here they are... Now I'm wishing I had picked up a few extra of these for my own tree...maybe I'll go back! he, he, he Love the juxtaposition of the fancy ornaments and the retro buckets!! More chenille stem initials...I think I was getting deliriuos as the night went along! So hard to pick out ornaments when you don't know how someone decorates their tree, but I thought these were so sweet they could go anywhere, not just on a tree...and they loved them so I was super excited after that!

Grace with Mrs. Bryan
Grace with Mrs. Peterson Two amazing ladies! Love them!!

Next up, Preschool Party Favors! I was getting really stumped trying to come up with something cute & inexpensive when my friend Michelle came to the rescue and we came up with this sweet idea: Warm & Cozy Christmas! Thanks Michelle!!

First up, Snowman Soup...packaged in cute little bags of course and trimmed with another set of free printables from Paper Glitter ...wish I would have had time to print the tags rather than hand-write them, but oh well...there's always next year! Next up, socks!!! Grace loves fun socks like these and she had fun picking out Belle ones for the girls and Cars ones for the know to keep those tootsies warm during holiday break! I placed them in the cute paper bags leftover from the Cookie Party to conceal them to keep it all looking cute :) I added boy/girl Snowman cookies (pink/blue scarves) and placed everything in these sweet little bags I bought at Target in their after Christmas sale last year. I think they turned out cute! Can't wait for the Swirly Twirly Gumdrop Party tomorrow! Think...Photo Booth! FUN!!!!!!


Ashleigh said...

Well well well, you never disappoint! I don't know where you find the, really, I am in bed by 10 at the latest!! But not tonight because I am in a baking mood. Just finished that melt in your mouth popcorn from the party Tuesday night. Up next, my Gran's snickerdoodles!! Oh a BIG congrats on being featured on Party Box. SO neat!!!

Sarah said...

I love reading your blog! You have such a beautiful family. I must know...where did you get that wooden Christmas tree in Grace's room? It's adorable!

Jessica said...

Ash~ I want that Snickerdoodle recipe!!! Or maybe I shouldn't? ...Turkey Trot, Turkey Trot!! HA!

Sarah~ I found it at Hobby Lobby about 4 years ago. I wish I would have bought the other colors they had (aqua blue, cream). The ones they have now are cute (I bought Hudson one this year), but they're just not the same =(

Deron and Tina said...

Love your blog, a friend just turned me on to it. Would love to know where you found those cute reindeer tags.

Jessica said...

Thanks Tina!

Here's the link to the reindeer tags. They're by Helen Dardik of Orange You Lucky:

There are several other styles too!

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