Sunday, December 19, 2010

finding joy in the little things

Isn't it funny how often the smallest gifts bring the greatest joy?

Like showing mama the cranberry wreath ornament made at school...And then finding the perfect spot for it on the tree... Like discovering a Princess mechanical pencil in the goody bag from Julien...And a PINK Snow White watch from McKinley... Like stealing a "a-pop" (lollipop) from your sister's candy stash... Like looking for Super, the elf, all over the place...And finding him in the most unusual and giggle-inducing places...Just 5 more days!
We can't wait!!! And what fun these 5 days will bring...Bake Day 2010...Family... Christmas Mass...all leading to...Baby Jesus' Birthday!


marble rose said...

It's such a privilege to watch your little ones grow up. They are lovely and you are such a wonderful mummy to them - they have a charmed childhood - the greatest gift.


Amber said...

I am so enjoying the small things this season. This has been the most enjoyable Christmas since Reese was born. It is so fun to see the excitement through the little one's eyes!

Virginia said...

It is so exciting to see all the wonder in little kids eyes!!! One can really tell by these pictures how excited and eager Grace is for Christmas Day to get here. I know that she will be awed at the things that Santa will probably bring this year... and the sled will be guided by Rudolph!!!
WOW!!!! I love you both, Grace and Hudson, with all my heart. Thanks for letting me see the world again, through your eyes.

susan said...

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