Thursday, December 30, 2010

choosing an apron...goldilocks style

One of Grace's favorite things to do is pick out an apron from our stash. It means some sort of baking adventure or crafting adventure is on the way.

Last week, as we were about to start our Bake Day 2010, I told her to go choose an apron and see if it would work.

First up, TOO BIG! Hmmm...maybe next year.
Next, too little (at least for the mess we were about to make!) She reaaaaaally wanted to wear the Strawberry Shortcake apron, her favorite!Not too happy when I told her she couldn't wear that one for Bake Day. But it's such a sweet apron to me...handmade by my friend Angel as a gift for Grace's 3rd Birthday...I want to keep that one nice & clean and pass it on to my own little granddaughter one day ;)

Finally...Just right! Super excited about the little pocket to stuff all her baking stuff. And with that we were all set to bake cookies with Noonie. She wasn't excited or anything ;) Bring on Bake Day!


Kelli said...

I LOVE the Strawberry Shortcake apron!! Did you make it?

Amber said...

Love this post!!! Full of such sweetness!

Jessica said...

He he...thanks you guys!

Kelli~ my friend Angel made the apron for Grace as a gift for her 3rd birthday.

She wrote a couple of tutorials on it:

and here's a link to her etsy shop:

Fun Spring designs coming soon! Yay!

Kelli said...

Thanks Jessice! I am thinking of having a Strawberry Shortcake birthday for my daughter this summer and love that outfit. Your Strawberry Shortcake party for Grace gave me the idea.