Sunday, June 19, 2011

happy father's day!

We've had a low key day - just the way Lance wanted it - celebrating Father's Day. We've played, we've opened presents and sweet cards, we've had treats, he's had some uninterrupted time to work in the yard, and later we'll probably go out for Mexican food, his favorite.

A few pictures from earlier today...

The littles with their wonderful Daddy
Homemade cards are always the best! A daughter needs her daddy. Cute & Funny! I'll do it! I'll do it!
(we never lack for helpers :)
No, he didn't get women's shoes and no, that's not blood on his hands!

Lance surprised me by completely reorganizing our garage while Noonie, the littles, and I were on our trip and I couldn't find a single shirt box to save my life so I had to make do with an old shoe box.

And the red spots...he's been helping me spray paint some stuff for Hudson's birthday!
Lots of monkeying around......and piggy back rides! We even tried to make our very own human tower, but Hudson wasn't buying it...he, he, he...maybe next year! It's been a GREAT day!

Happy Father's Day, Lance! You are a wonderful daddy to Grace & Hudson and we all love you to pieces!!

Happy Father's Day to my stepdad AJ(Papa J), my father-in-law Larry(Pop), Lance's dad Tommy(Papaw), to my wonderful uncle Tio Pedro, and to my beloved Abuelito up in heaven. Love you all more than words can say!

Hope you all are enjoying a wonderful Father's Day with your loved ones!

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Anonymous said... sweet Jessica. I think next year I will steal your idea on the Q&A card. How clever, bet those will be fun to look at in the upcoming years!!!! Great pictures as always, such cuties!P.S. Does Lance write for the paper? Just wondered, I thought her answer was cute:)