Thursday, June 2, 2011

on teamwork and siblings...

THINKS: Hmmmm...I bet I can convince my brother to pull me around.
SAYS: Hudson! I have a super fun game we can do. Wanna play with me?
GRACE: Yippee!!!
HUDSON: I'm missing my favorite cartoon...not so sure about this.
HUDSON: Man, this is hard work. This is NOT what I signed up for! I don't know how you women multitask. :) HUDSON: Fine. Let ME have a turn!
GRACE: Okaaaay...but's more fun to PULL than to RIDE. I promise. HUDSON: I'll show you what I think about all that...
GRACE: Hey!!!He he he...never a dull moment around here!

Hope your summer is off to a great start!


Karen said...

:) love the comentary

Tasha Horsley said...

love gracies outfit and the little scooter! where'd you get the scooter? is it a little tikes?

Carol said...

Awww soo cute!!! I just love reading your blogs!! :) My granddaughter who is two has convinced my grandson to always push her around in their outside "yellow car"...he loves it and she loves it hehe it's a "win win" situation!! I'd be so flattered if you would stop by my blog!!

Jessica said...

Thanks y'all!

Tasha, Yes! It's a little tikes scooter. Hudson got it as a Christmas gift...not sure where from, but if you google "little tikes scooter" it brings up amazon, walmart, and several others...around $35-$40.

Hi, Carol! he he he...GIRLS! Off to check out your blog!! :)