Friday, June 17, 2011

Coming Home {MDG Trip 2011}

On the way back we stopped in Dallas for a much needed couple of days of R&R {i.e. shopping - HA!}. We stayed in Frisco, an area we love, and went everywhere from there.

Noonie...these pics are for you! :)

Noonie loves Ikea so we made sure to stop there first.
I have to give a little shout out to Christa of Amazing Gracie for the super sweet dress she made for Grace. Love it! Thank you, Christa! (and please excuse the crummy lighting in the store!)

The Ikea showroom is like a playroom for the littles...
Doesn't he look cute in that little toolbelt?? Yes, pumpkin, girls can play construction too! Another trip highlight...riding in the luggage rack! It's the simple things for these sweet littles of mine :)Thank you Noonie for Princess Celestia! I love her! XOXO, Grace Dare I say it out loud?....Hmmmm......I think there may be just be a unicorn party in the near future. Aaaah! Doesn't this little guy look big in this picture??? We were actually looking for some stuff for his big boy room while at Ikea. I can't believe soon he'll have a big boy room! *tear* Hudson likes to climb on EVERYTHING! Check out what he decided to explore at the hotel...Definitely not happy with being told to get down. Those tears get me everytime...A big hug from mama made it a little better. Crazy but true, this is the only pic we have of the four of us during this trip!!! And this was right after we got home and Noonie gave Hudson the choo choo train she bought him so he wasn't interested in taking pictures and Grace was jealous of his train - great photo op, right? HA!So proud to show her Daddy what she picked out for him at Sea World.Home, sweet home! THANK YOU NOONIE for such a fun trip! We had the best time! Love you!


Unknown said...

ooooo we love ikea... had one by us in MD, now in SC we miss it dearly!!! looks like you all had a great trip! have never been to TX, sooo want to visit!

Moore Memories said...

I just got caught up on some of my favorite blogs! So funny, we were at IKEA last week shopping for the new wished we could have ran into each other!!! Glad you had fun in our neck of the woods! What an amazing mom you have!!!