Saturday, June 4, 2011

Canton or Bust {2011}

Last year my dear friend Heidi and I went to Canton on a Girls Day Out...we decided to make it an annual tradition {biannual if we can swing it - HA!}. What a difference one month makes. Last year we went in early May and it wasn't too hot...this year OH MY, IT WAS HOTTTT! But that didn't stop us one bit. We were there for 12 hours shopping for treasures! I didn't buy too many big things this year, but Heidi made out with some great finds like a vintage wooden bed for her youngest Ella Kate, and some other great pieces.

Here's my loot...

My favorite...a vintage baby plate...I've seen lots of these, but never one with little chicks, usually they have nursery rhyme scenes. This one is HEAVY too!
Lots of sweet, hand-embroidered tea towels... Days of the week vintage linens are very popular in Canton (and cheap too!)... Some of these are going to be used for some fun new projects coming soon... Guess who fell in love with this little ballerina elf when she saw it??? :) Love it when I can find some boyish looking ones... I couldn't pass up picking up a couple of these mason jars. The aqua blue ones are always my favorite! The vendor that sold me the one with the narrower top said that it was one of the earliest styles, called a "strong shoulder" mason jar. Love that one! Canton has several pavillions that sell newer items too. I found this fun belt there... The little pumpkin just had to try it on when I got home. Here she is striking what she called a "cool cowgirl pose" and winking at the same time...he, he, he. Yay for a fun day full of girl talk and shopping for treasures! Thank you Noonie for keeping the littles!! Owe you BIG! :)


Carol said...

I love Canton, we are thinking about maybe going out first thing tomorrow morning while it's still cool!! :) Looks like you came home with lots of awesome treasures!!

Cricket said...

:( so sad that I totally forgot about Canton this weekend!!!! Love that place!! Looks like you scored on some cute towels!! I need to get some of those to make aprons for my lil grands knot dresses!!! thanks for sharing!!!

Jessica said...

Ooooh, Carol~ I hope you were able to go!!

Cricket~ I LOVE how the vintage tea towels look as aprons on knot dresses! That's what my mom used for Grace's Easter dress!