Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sea World Day One {MDG Trip 2011}

Friday was finally THE day! The day we had promised Grace we'd go to Sea World. She was soooooo excited! {and not just because she could ride in the elevator - HA!}

***Warning: Obnoxious number of pictures!***

Can you tell Hudson was sooo excited to take a pic?
Noonie and the littles...poor Hudson, MORE pictures! Our first stop: One Ocean, the new Shamu show! We knew they were debuting the new show in June, but we didn't realize that June 10th @ 12 noon was THE opening show for One Ocean...the stadium was full of camera crews. The President of SW and the Head Vet were there to give a message and there was even a recording of a music single following the show. And yes, we had great seats...right in the center of the the splash zone of course! These little spray fans were a LIFESAVER! Well worth the $11 pricetag :) Thanks for the tip, Julie!!!Trying to pass the time with snacks...Trying to pass the time by sticking fingers in the fan! Boys!Finally! First sighting of Shamu making a big splash in the water! Did you see that, mama???!!!!
I just love this picture - it reminds me what childhood is all about...the excitement...the anticipation...being in the moment...just pure joy!
...I don't have many pictures of Hudson because he was more interested in the spray fan than in the show! Yes, I think we'll wait until next year for Disney.

That is until the baby whale came out!
Then he perked up and watched a little bit of the show.Mama & Baby Killer Whales - too cute! After the show, Grace got to meet her favorite trainer (and the trainer was looking straight at Hudson who wanted nothing to do with a picture!)LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Shamu Show - definitely a highlight of the trip for me!

Next up...Sea Lions!
Grace said feeding the sea lions was her favorite part of Sea World :)Hudson's turn!Not too keen on the stinky fish! Hudson's favorite part of Sea World...the 4D Sesame Street Show! He loved getting sprayed with water, popping the bubbles, feeling the gust of wind...The Cannery Row Caper was a fun show for the littles.Hudson paid more attention during this one......that is when he wasn't giving his sister big hugs and saying, "I wub you, siter" :)Noonie's favorite...The Bay of Play was super fun for the littles. I think it had recently been re-done so everything was clean and in good-shape. Taking a little break......before riding Journey to Atlantis! Yes, my little daredevil insisted Noonie go with her "on the tall, tall rollercoaster"...not once, but twice!HA! Joke's on me! Trust me on this one: Do NOT get taken in by the Family Dryer! And with that we closed the park down...we were there the full 8 hrs. the park was open on Friday - talk about exhausting!

...little did we know the little pumpkin would soon talk us into going back the next day!


Amber said...

What a fun trip!!! Reese would LOVE it!

Mu favorite pic is of Hudson hugging Grace....I think Reese needs a little bro/sis :)

Cuties with curls said...

You guys look like you had a geat time!!!! It must have been super hot!!!!

Queen of Good Intentions said...

So glad to hear that Sea World has made some renovations! Thinking we may have to stop by this summer. I can tell you had a great trip!! We have a ranch near San Antonio and take all San Antonio has to offer for granted. I love to see how much fun your two cuties had! I love the idea of the MDG yearly trip! How'd they let you skip the water park?

Sweet P Preston said...

Looks like yall had a good time. The highlight for us was dinner with Shamu. We had wonderful seats and the food was not bad. When we went in July it was SUPER HOT, too. You are welcome for the fan tip. If I had a quarter for everytime someone either 1) asked us where we bought them or 2)if they could buy it from us...I could have paid for the park admission. Glad yall had a good time.


Spears said...

love the pictures of your trip :) I went in high school and LOVED sea world...thought about going into marine biology until I realized how much SCIENCE was involved, lol :) So glad you get to share such sweet memories with your mama and kids...priceless :)

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