Thursday, August 4, 2011

little girl styles, mollie makes, and pattern sale

A few of you have emailed me recently asking about Grace's clothes and what etsy shops I like. That's a tough one - I like A LOT of them! I love handmade and I love supporting small businesses, especially those run by moms, so let's just say I do my fair share to support etsy - HA!

Of course, my most favorite "shop" is right in my dining room with the incredibly talented
Noonie heading things up :)

But let's talk etsy for a moment...Three of my most favorite etsy shops are
TaDa! Creations, owned by my dear friend Angel and her sewing partner Amy; Amazing Gracie, owned by sweet Christa; and Bridget & Co., owned by the incredibly talented Debbie.

{tank by TaDa!}
{"vintage tablecloth" capris by Bridget & Co.}
{pose...all her own!}

Some of the things I like most about these sellers is their incredible attention to detail, like these cute buttons on the leg opening... the fabulous hand-embroidered designs from TaDa!... and the fun mix of fabrics at Amazing Gracie...But what I like MOST about all of these designers is that their creations allow little girls to dress like LITTLE GIRLS! No "hoochie" teenager fashions sized down to pint-sizes here! Oh, and the way their designs are sized means they last several years, at least that's been the case for us!

Speaking of you sew? Or would you like to try your hand at it? Well, now is your chance! I don't know if this is everywhere, but our local Hancock's has their Simplicity patterns for $1 today.
These are some cute ones...2171, 2193, 2241, and 2574. And don't let yourself be turned off by the fabric choices on the pattern covers - fabric is EVERYTHING! I often wish samples on pattern covers were made with cuter fabric, don't you?

One last thing...

Have you heard of
Mollie Makes???Oh my, while waiting on my hubs for an impromptu lunch rendezvous yesterday...lunch folks, just lunch...I ran into Books-A-Million and picked up this issue of Mollie Makes, a new British magazine. This is their second issue and they have a third issue out too. GORGEOUS. Simply gorgeous.

Making. Collecting. Thrifting. Crafting. - all the things I love rolled into one beautiful magazine! It's a bit pricey in the U.S. but worth checking out! It even comes with a cute little felt flower kit and the most adorable tutorials and patterns- LOVE, I tell ya, LOVE!

That's it for to dream up more projects!


Unknown said...

Thanks so much for sharing I love crafty magazines.


Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing the craft magazine, I'd not heard of that one!

Bridget & Co is an old favorite of mine from Ebay selling days. I only sell boutique on Etsy myself now too, they are definitely the best place to find those unique, handmade items :)

Teresa said...

I have always loved your choice in clothes for Grace - I love that they are handmade and as you say made with such love, care and attention to detail with such beautiful traditional or vintage fabrics (you have such great taste). Will definately be looking at your Etsy favourites - thanks for sharing!

Louley's Belles said...

Very good tip on Hancocks and magazine!!!

Debbie said...

I love working with such a sweet customer! Thank you so much for allowing me to sew for you. It is truly an honor.

shannonekennedy said...

I do sew! I love the patterns you chose, and your hats. They perfectly adorable.