Friday, September 23, 2011

Emma Krumbee's Apple Orchard {Fall Adventure 2011}

One of the things on my absolutely-have-to-do list while we were in MN was visit an apple orchard. I have always wanted to go to one but we just don't have one near us. My wish came true a week ago today when we visited
Emma Krumbee's! It was rather windy and chilly but that didn't stop us one bit. Be prepared for a gazillion photos - we have such sweet memories from our visit, it was hard to pare down.After lunch at the Emma Krumbee's family restaurant, all the littles were ready to burn some energy and this pirate ship provided the perfect venue.Grace & Emily...two sweet girls.Hudson LOVED this old tractor...Time for a ride!The little pumpkin was so excited...I just love this sweet picture of my girl.Angel's mom came with us and I was so happy to meet her and spend some time with her. I think an afternoon surrounded by littles did her heart good.Chugga Chugga Choo Choo...The rope maze was fun...and tough!When all else fails and you're under 4ft tall, why not go under the ropes...HA!The barn was a big hit with the littles. Can you spot the billy goats?? Hint: Look UP!There they are!Playtime! It was so nice to have the place almost completely to ourselves...Grace took this picture of Noonie and me. I couldn't believe how well it turned out! I just put my camera on auto and handed it to her and she completely surprised me!!!Vroom, Vroom! Hang tight, Sam! Allison knows how to go fast!Good times!We couldn't let the littles have all the fun, now could we??!Love this Humpty Dumpty! What a cute idea!Time to go apple tasting!Oh my, the apples were delicious! Sweet Tango apples, a new variety derived from Honeycrisp apples, were my absolute favorite! I've been craving them ever since we got back from our trip. Can't wait 'till they make their way South!FINALLY, it was time to go apple pickin'!!!!
The moment I'd been waiting for!After getting a quick lesson from Emily & Allison on the proper way to pick apples..."you look for a good one, one without bruises or bug holes, then you twist & turn really gently and that's it. Plop! It comes right down"...we were ready to give it a try!Grace's turn!Noonie's turn!I'm pretty sure this little guy ate more than he picked...he he.I love this sweet picture of my two favorite littles in the whole wide world! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Angel and family for taking us to the orchard and spending the afternoon with us! What sweet memories we have with great friends by our side!And of course, all that running......makes for great sleep! HA!Can't wait to do it again some day!


Brandi said...

Aw, how fun!!! I wish it would cool off here in Tx.I'm soooo ready for the fall weather!!!!! Where do u get Grace's ruffle pants???

Jessica said...

It was a blast! I wish we had an orchard close to us too :(

I got this pair of ruffle pants from TaDa! Creations - love them...perfectly lined stripes and super comfy according to the little pumpkin!

Find them here:

Kelli said...

How fun! We live about 30 minutes from a town with many apple farms. We go there often this time of year even if it is to pick up an apple pie or something fun like that. We love this time of year. I am so happy you were able to get the chance to go to an apple farm and the kids were ale to pick apples off the tree!!

ADA said...

Jessica- I am in love with the pic of you and your 2 littles in the apple orchard where you are sitting on the ground! That's a priceless moment!

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