Tuesday, September 20, 2011

traveling with littles... {Fall Adventure 2011}

I love to travel. I hate to pack. Such a conundrum, but traveling with littles takes it to a whole new level. I slept for a grand total of 1.5 hrs. the night before we left because alas, I left the packing for the. very. last. minute.We decided to fly out of a different airport because it was lots cheaper. Like half the cost of flying out of our own airport. We got everyone and everything loaded and ready and we were on our way...only 40 minutes later than originally planned. Not too bad. We had time. HA!A quick zip through the McDonald's drive-thru and off we were. Greasy Mickey D's McGriddles - that should have been our first clue. Mickey D's + a little pumpkin reading, looking down and doing some work in her Kindie workbook = NOT GOOD.She was whiney. She's never a whiney traveler. She loves to go places. Clue #2. All of a sudden she started whining, crying, pointing at her throat. I kept trying to ask her what was wrong, telling her to drink a little orange juice to feel better. And then.................yup, you guessed it. We got a reeeeaaaaal close look at her breakfast - a look we could have done without.We pulled over on the interstate and began Operation Clean Puke. Lucky for me, Noonie took the carseat job and I took the little pumpkin. Thank goodness I'm an has its benefits, you know. :) And thank goodness for XL ziplocs - enough said. 18 minutes later we were back on the road, complete outfit change...yes, even a matching bow and shoes. Carseat lysol-wiped to the best of our ability. Extra diapers now lining the little pumpkin's carseat and straps in a make-shift contraption to avoid CCC. That's clean clothes contamination, in case you're wondering. I think Noonie and I should sign up for Nascar.All I can say is Thank Goodness for the valet parking at the airport. And so sorry at the same time to the guy who had to park my stinky SUV. Even bigger apologies to the guy that had to retrieve said car a week later. No tip was big enough to compensate for that job.Observations while traveling with littles...
1. Every airport should have a semi-enclosed playland within walking distance of most gates.
2. If you stuff your littles' backpacks to the brim, maybe you should consider not putting said backpacks on the littles...unless you want to see them on the ground like rollie-pollies not being able to get up {insert snicker}.
3. Whoever invented the travel DVD player: I.LOVE.YOU.
4. Whoever invented magnetic travel games: I.REALLY.LOVE.YOU.
5. Crayola Wonder Markers: I.BIG.SHINY.PUFFY.HEART.YOU.6. Cheap umbrella strollers are a mama traveler's best friend. You would be surprised how many things you can hang on the stroller when desperate. I lost count at 2 backpacks, 1 Vera Bradley extra large weekender, 2 totes, and 1 purse.
7. Just because a sippy cup says "spill proof" does not mean it really is. Trust me on this one. OJ, cranberry, and grape juice should always be avoided in said sippy cups. When traveling: water or apple juice only.
8. Matchbox cars (or in my case, a new Thomas the Train boat engine) do NOT make the best in-flight distractions. That is unless you count walking to the very back of the plane looking for the darn engine that rolled under everyone's seat during take-off a distraction.
9. The American Airlines flight attendant that told me "We have found getting on/off a plane with children and without children requires the same amount of time, therefore we're not issuing a call for pre-boarding for those traveling with small children" OBVIOUSLY never traveled with multiple littles under five. I secretly hope she has twins. Make that triplets.10. Reaching your destination: Priceless.Up from Junk Bonanza!


Teresa said...

You make me laugh Jessica! Trips with little ones become such great 'adventures' don't they?! Look forward to seeing more of the trip.

Marissa and Cash said...

Where did you get Hudsons pumpkin shirt?

Jessica said...

I purchased Hudson's pumpkin tee from this etsy shop last year:

Love it!!