Sunday, February 19, 2012

Health Week & Mardi Gras!

This past week the little pumpkin's preschool unit was on the Human Body and Health Care Professionals. Grace was super excited all week because on Friday, not only did they get to attend their school's Mardi Gras parade, but................... Noonie came to speak to her class about being a pediatrician & neonatologist!Noonie talked to them about kangaroo care of preemie babies, which they really got into...She brought a couple of stethoscopes and they each had a turn listening to each other's hearts...Grace was too cute! As soon as Noonie walked in wearing her scrubs and carrying her old doctor's bag, Grace started jumping up and down and telling everyone, "this is my Noonie!!", even though they all know who she is already. Priceless!Thank you for visiting Grace's class, Noonie!Hudson was not feeling well Friday afternoon - kept saying his belly hurt - so we missed the float loading party that we wanted to go to - boo! But luckily by this afternoon, he was feeling a bit better and we were able to go to Bennett's Mardi Gras Parade Birthday!

There's that birthday boy!
Good try...Whack!While waiting for the parade, they even had time to climb a tree...Waiting...Finally! Floats!!This little guy had a pretty good seat...Rock star, baby!Checking out his new sword...Throw me something, mister!! And that they did...yes, even hot dogs {wrapped in foil, thankfully} - HA! Better than the ziploc bags of spaghetti from last year!!!! Gag! "Cutest float" according to Grace & her buddies :) Fun times! Happy 5th Birthday, Bennett!
Laissez les bon temps rouler!


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Virginia said...

I had a blast talking to Grace's class... and answering their questions!!! You never know what is going to come out of kids' mouthes!!!
Great pictures! I really like Grace climbing the tree, Hudson hitting the pinata and Hudson examining his sword. His expression in that last one is priceless!