Saturday, February 4, 2012

our {early} valentine

First things first, knee socks may just be one of my favorite things about having {and dressing} a girl...doesn't get much cuter than knee socks + mary janes!We decided to give the littles their valentine treats early so that they could enjoy them all month long...We use the same little buckets every year and just fill them up with goodies and fun things I pick up here and there, not too much candy but really just things I know they've been wanting or need...Of course my favorites are these sweet vintage cards. I love writing little love notes for Grace and Hudson...for when they're older. I found these on our trip to Minnesota last Fall.Both of them . in one picture . looking the same way... yeah, not happening!So ready to dig in!Excited to get his very own copy of Where the Wild Things Are!I finally got them, mama!!!!!!!!!!!!!So here's the story on the Lelli Kelly shoes...I'm not a fan at all. I think they're kind of gaudy and the price tag a bit ridiculous ($71). But then after Christmas, I went to one of our local boutiques and they had them 75% off. I knew the little pumpkin would love them since she's been begging for this strawberry pair all school year long and for $17, why not?! She was so excited - made me smile for sure. ;)I love these sweet cups {the plates too!} from Pottery Barn Kids this year - thank you Angel for helping me get them!Hudson sure liked his!He didn't care one bit for this cute shirt - typical boy!!!
{but what can I say...I love navy + stripes on little boys!}
...but he loved the dinosaurs and started playing with them right away!And yes, we're swimming in lalaloopsies around here! I think they must be like strawberry shortcake & friends were back when I was little...not so long ago, of course ;)Cookies & cream chocolate hearts...enough said.Yes, sugar overload in the middle of the afternoon!We're making homemade valentines for family & friends tomorrow after church...glitter, glue, googly eyes...this should be a big mess fun!


Teresa said...

I love the idea of button top long socks (when I saw the photo before I opened the post I actually thought they were little pom poms - that would be a cute idea too).

My eye was instantly drawn to those sweet strawberry shoes in the basket of goodies - they are so sweet.

You've inspired me, I think we will get started on some valentines day crafts too.

Kelli said...

Oh my what a cute post. I love everything about it. Where did you get the cute socks....I may have to get a pair for my cutie.

Jessica said...

Pom poms would be fun, Teresa!!

Hi, Kelli~ I made the socks myself! Just sewed on some cute buttons to the top of plain white knee socks ;)

Heather L. said...

I want to come live at your house and get my own box of treats at Valentine's Day! Do you have an extra box with my name on it??? LOL!!!

Love Grace's expression when she's holding the shoes. So sweet that she was so excited!!!

ADA said...

Grace's expression is priceless! We live for those moments!!:)

Rosemary said...

thank you for posting the valentine plates and glasses! I managed to get a set too :) I collect cute dishes and didn't have any for valentines day :)

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